Written Test Procedures

Written functional test procedures define the means and meth­ods to carry out system/intersystem tests during the construction phase. To the extent possible, these test procedures shall be defined by the Commissioning Team in the Design Stage and written into the contractors’ scopes of work.

Test procedures will necessarily be refined early in the construc­tion phase based on the submittal process.

Test procedures provide the following:

• Required parties for the test, which may include the CM, Construction Contractor, specific subcontractor(s),

designer, GSA PM, GSA Operating Personnel, GSA Technical Experts and Customer Agency representa­tives. The roles of each required party must also be clearly defined.

• Prerequisites for performing the test including comple­tion of specific systems and assemblies. Prerequisites are of critical importance when undertaking phased construction and/or phased occupancy. The CxA must coordinate tests with the CM in terms of the overall construction schedule and the anticipated completion of given systems.

• List of instrumentation, tools, and supplies required for the test.

• Step-by-step instructions to exercise the specific sys­tems and assemblies during the test. This includes instructions for configuring the system to begin the test and the procedure to return the system to normal operation at the conclusion of the test.

• Description of the observations and measurements that must be recorded and the range of acceptable results.