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To refresh an interior by means of covers on furniture

If you wish to add something new in the interior, but desires to take the latest furniture or to do repair at you is not present, try to sew covers on furniture. With their help you can add the general color palette of your room or set accents, and even give to furniture absolutely new look. From absolutely unattractive home decoration, for example, Continue reading

Ah, these fine stained-glass windows …

You would like to give feature of the furniture? Then, it is possible to use such element of a decor – as a stained-glass window. The stained-glass window is the ornamental or subject composition executed from slices of color glasses (or other material passing light). The stained-glass window will perfectly look on sliding wardrobe doors, in furniture Continue reading

Trafaretny list

With the advent of modern materials of furnish in the present construction market, revives and a little forgotten partially fashion on decorating of walls by means of easy receptions.

The ornament of walls the drawing, called by a trafaretny list, was very widespread in last eyelid. At present technology of dressing of walls with application of Continue reading

In the house, where carved palisade

The Propilny carving in an extent actually is 100 years, among other national crafts, very widespread form of Russian national creativity on the village. Strongly pronounced Russian municipal character is inherent in a similar type of a carving. Ornaments of patterns comprise unlimited quantity sensual and cheeful, and at times and fantastic motives.

Continue reading

Global gardening or what should be ecologically spotless house

In Europe the ecological boom began long ago. The middle class tries to discover organic products in supermarkets, buys hybrid cars, and to ordinary bulbs of an incandescence prefers the energy saving. Celebrities go further away – they build safe houses for health. So, Ordando Blum’s "green" house in London is already actually ready, and Continue reading

My wild beasts …

The interesting find for a harmonious decor of electric sockets offers the French company on manufacturing of wall-paper.

My wild beasts …
Amusing muzzles of dogs, pigs and other animals can be adapted so that not to break harmony of appearance of a wall on which the socket settles down.

Small squares of such wall-paper are on sale by the sizes 50*50см, the Continue reading

New and original: textiles in your house

New and original: textiles in your house
Speaking about an apartment decor, owners often pay the attention to unique lighting devices, pictures, noteworthy wall shelves, etc. But often forget about … textiles! Yes, apparently, the ordinary material which will do a cape role on a sofa, beds, on pillows – that can be simpler than a pillowcase: choose to color of wall-paper, that’s all the Continue reading

Chair in an evening dress

Chair in an evening dress
The drapery of furniture is now rather widespread at registration of a decor of a room – banquet rooms "put on" in solemn cloths and snow-white "dresses" for chairs, designers compose them and more noteworthy, picturesque clothes (see a photo at the left and on the right).
But that I represent to you now to a review on a photo Continue reading

From history of art molding

The history of development of the art molding, popular to us on archeological excavations, reflects social tendencies, including structure of the found exhibits: the most part from them – either jeweler scenery, or religious attributes. This testimony of applied value of the technology of art molding. The most part of the starenky finds executed in Continue reading

Ornament will be that stirs all

And again about wires which thoroughly spoil appearance of a room where they should lie on foregrounds.

«It is valid, bothered!» – so solved Natali Kost, the young designer and, judging by the description stated further, romantic nature. Also thought up not to hide all wires, and to re-embody them in … a beads!

Having taken wood balls, having Continue reading