Ah, these fine stained-glass windows …

You would like to give feature of the furniture? Then, it is possible to use such element of a decor – as a stained-glass window. The stained-glass window is the ornamental or subject composition executed from slices of color glasses (or other material passing light). The stained-glass window will perfectly look on sliding wardrobe doors, in furniture facades and it is simple as furniture inserts.

If you decided to decorate the furniture such element of a decor, it will be useful to know that for this day there are some technologies of creation of stained-glass windows:

1. Art list. Ordinarier, in my opinion, development – is put with special vitrazhny paints on glass basis the drawing chosen by you. At all this, glass basis can be not only transparent, well and opaque, tinted or figured. Service life at such stained-glass windows about 5 years.

2. "Tiffany’s" development. Vperva it was invented by Luis Komfortom Tiffany who thought up it for scenery of plafonds of lamps. According to the Tiffany technology, each fragment of glass of future stained-glass window turns around on all perimeter a copper foil, is displayed on a tracing-paper in coordination with drawing later, and later – the laid-out fragments of glass are accustomed to drinking between themselves. Such development allows to make huge stained-glass windows, with concave or convex elements. But, such stained-glass windows, to chagrin, are registered on one of the most expensive.

3. Development of "Fyyuzing". It is so-called development of agglomeration: on glass basis color fragments of glass, also other elements of a stained-glass window – granules, a wire give all the best, etc. Later, all this is located in the furnace, and being warmed up to temperature 850 ° With, conglomerates in a single whole. It is dependent on features of applied technology, drawing can spread or remain accurate, and layers can be as bolshenny, and a little convex.

4. Film development. It is one of more widespread technologies today. Drawing is put on glass basis from slices of a special lavsanovy film, and connections of slices are closed by a lead profile. At all this, drawing can be not only modular – from slices, well and integral – simulating multi-colored drawing.

Having used stained-glass window elements for design of furniture, you not only fill with game of paints the room, well and will give to furniture personal and unique style, after all art stained-glass windows it is not simple an ornament, and the real work of art.