Akvatorialny room

About the hobby akvariumistiky I as told that. And so where that for about a year was the question of expansion of an aquarian economy back. By way of long negotiations permission to occupy подсобку under the needs was extracted. Expansion was planned not under specific aquariums, and under the workers intended for cultivation of fish and her podrashchivaniye. Someone, maybe, saw the chetyrnadtsatietazhny houses built in the late eighties in Moscow, such coffee color, called by "chocolates". And so at angular entrances there three-room apartments with the storeroom about 8 sq.m. Her that also should be overworked under needs аквариумистики.

For this purpose it was necessary to carry out a number of actions for room preparation as there it was planned installation of aquarian racks approximately for 6 tons of water, and a floor ninth. the 1st step – a room waterproofing. It was first made порожек on an entrance, height 15 see. A material – a brick. Hydras room isolation with calling on walls in 15 further became see. Why directly fifteen cm? Yes simply the rack consists of separate aquariums in volume about 350 l. also the leakage or destruction more than 2 aquariums is hardly possible. And in this case the volume of the hydroisolated room leaves about 1200 l.

The waterproofing became obmazochny by means of CONTITE WS2 mastic and promazky seams a special material of the same company. Thickness of a layer about 3 mm. In addition in a wall adjoining on the street, the opening at level of a floor was punched and the pipe is inserted into it, by a diameter 3 see, an opening respectively zaizolirovano. Over a waterproofing the three-centimetric reinforced coupler is filled in. On it works on a floor were complete. the 2nd step – the electrician. From a guard the cable with grounding was in addition stretched. Trekhzhilny with section of a vein in 4 mm. Sockets were established vlagozashchishchenny, at height 1м. Additional light did not begin to establish. Well and eventually, the 3rd step – manufacturing of aquarian racks is direct. In total three racks were made: one under three aquariums on 150см in the length (160*55*250см), two under 6 aquariums of the same length (320*55*250см).

Frames of racks cooked from a profile pipe of 40*40 mm, with strengthening by kerchiefs. On shelves of racks the moisture resistant plywood, in addition impregnated "Pinoteksom" was put 10 mm. Over plywood two layers of "skin" for a laminate. This laying is necessary for an exception of possible hit under the bottom glass of postoroniy subjects. The rack is painted at first Hammeritom, and atop with oil paint. Established a rack on a basic frame from a wood bar 10*10 see for more uniform distribution of loading. A rack in addition fixed anchors to a wall that also lowers load of a floor a little and insures against rack falling. Over each aquarium are established on two luminescent lamps in length 120 see with vlagozashchitny cartridges. As the ending moment the device of exhaust ventilation for decrease in humidity. For this purpose used the fan attached to the timer, with a conclusion to the street.

As the room is in a far corner from a bath for leading of water and for plum in the sewerage silicone hoses from a room to a bath are used. Possibility of their skrutka that were not stirred on pass is provided. Finally there was an akvatorialny room with total amount of aquariums in 5500 l.