Comfortable house. Candles

We already talked how to make the house beautiful and modern, but how to make in it real comfort? After all it you will not buy in shop, as new wall-paper or a carpet. The comfort is created in trifles, in accessories. Someone considers that the house comfortable when in it there are a lot of old things, such to itself family relics or books, crystal services and a photo on walls with happy faces of owners. To Kazhnoma – the. I suggest you to consider each accessory, let it even small, as the main and even the main detail of an interior.

Candles. What do we know about candles? Whether they are necessary houses? How them to use? How to choose?

When I collected information for this note, at all did not represent that such subject as the candle has the most interesting history. I state it to you. For a start let’s precisely define that such a candle? Vekipediya to the aid comes:

Candle? – the adaptation for lighting, almost always the cylinder from the firm combustible material given in the kindled look to a flame by a match. As a combustible material can serve: fat, stearin, wax, paraffin and спермацет, at present it almost always a paraffin mix with various additives. A match impregnate with solutions of saltpeter, chloride ammonium, boric acid.

The history of our heroine begins with the III millennium B.C. The general introduction and creation of candles begins in the Middle Ages. At this time beeswax becomes the main product of their production, later, with opening of oil, candles start to make of paraffin and stearin. Most the last and modern candles become from gel.
Whether candles in the modern house are necessary? With technical progress, we any more do not smoke ceilings of own houses candles, and we use an electricity and not only with a view of lighting, and for work of the majority of household devices. Candles light up in our houses only if disconnected an electricity. Introduction of candles directly means presently is connected with discomfort. Who already read my articles, that thought that they urge to make a start from stereotypes and to look at ordinary things in a new way.

In the modern world, candles are used during SPA of procedures as it is considered that they are attribute of the weakened situation, romanticism and even intim. This representation from where undertook? Naturally from religion. One of the main attributes of a religious cult in Christianity are candles, and церьковь and the religion is sacraments which I am equated to any magic and intimate rituals. Here from where the candle had such concealed and drawing aura, with romantic aspiration.

And at present, when we understood in the history and a place of candles our houses, I offer will learn as them correctly to choose among a great number of others. On counters of shops of a decor at me eyes simply run up. So many different candles! Is both small, and huge, round, square, aromatic and simple… What to take? I most of all like candles with aromatizator, naturally handwork. Though they and are much more expensive than own "colleagues" made at factories, but quality costs means! My love to candles began with a gift to one good the acquaintance. It brought to me candles from Tallinn with a smell of plam jam and кремя брюлле. If it is honest, it would be desirable them to eat simply!

But in our malls it is heavy to find related exotic, we will walk on more widespread aromatic additives, after all not very well what of them possesses certain properties and impact on a human body:

Weakens: lavender, melissa, geranium, tangerine, basil, camomile

Removes slackness: sandal-wood tree, coco, cinnamon, coriander.

Tones up: rosemary, orange, grapefruit, mint.

Refreshes: eucalyptus, pine, melissa, lemon.

Antidepressantnoye property: basil, bergamot, grapefruit, ilang-ilang, lavender, not roles, rose Turkish, sandal-wood tree, sage muscat.

If you cannot find a suitable smell in sale, it is possible to make a suitable candle without the aid of others. It becomes very simply and quickly enough.

Buy some paraffin, ordinary candles and essential oils. It is possible to find houses of oil of the Crimea or something something like that. It seems to me that everyone who there once happened has similar sets. It is possible to use favourite perfume also.

Pound candles on a grater or crush though to what comfortable you in the way. The rubbed candles plavy on a water bath. Stirring slowly, we turn everything into homogeneous weight and we add to it some drops of essential oil or perfume.

While paraffin melts, we prepare a match. We take rather narrow stick and we adhere to it a thread, selecting length for height of our candle. We choose a form in what we will prepare a candle. Comfortably to use the cut-off plastic bottle or a form for small fruitcakes. A form we oil, for example, the sunflower. We put in a form our stick with a thread and we pour in hot paraffin. After all of you made it, cool a candle in a cold place and take out from a form. It is ready!

Thus it is possible to be limited not simply to the imagination of producers, and and to think up something the. Add in candles candied fruits, decorative elements, spangles, food dyes (for a color configuration) and you will see, how it simply and cheerfully to create pleasant trifles for own interior.