Comfortable house. Plaids

That can be better, than spend cold autumn and winter evenings in the loved chair, having wrapped up in a plaid, with the favourite book and a cup of hot cocoa!

While I wrote this article, I размышляля on the subject of a plaid role in an interior and came to very most interesting conclusion. For what we care of our interior, house arrangement? In order that to us was comfortably and pleasantly to spend time at home. And when it is pleasant to us to spend time at home? When our house comfortable. And what in general such comfort? Неуж it is covered in furniture, color of walls and a floor, accessories? Then why the smartest apartments in what designers worked, look from time to time callous models? And I thought that actually the comfort is the relation of the owner to own dwelling, this time and memoirs which he endured together with this place. The house is where to us is excellent and weakened. And the comfortable house is a place where it is excellent not only to us. So it is absolutely possible to call comfortable houses, houses with soul.

How to make so that also to me and my guests it was comfortable and with comfort in the house? Everything depends not only on positive emotions and the happy moments. There are small cunnings.

At present we will have a talk about plaids. This surprising accessory will help you to be warmed and relax, take pleasure in pleasant minutes of a house privacy and tranquillity.

So, how to choose a plaid?

For this day plaids happen are very various on appearance and a material of which they are made: woolen, fur, children’s and road plaids, plaids from natural materials and acryle, polyester.

Before will be going to take a plaid, scroll in what head the size will be the most quite good? I suggest you to familiarize with the suitable sizes:

– for a sofa or a chair of 150х200 cm

– for a standard bed 220х240 (will cover sides on 20-30 cm)

– for a small bed 130х220 see.

If you choose a plaid with drawings or a certain color, do not forget that it should be combined with an interior. The plaid can be chosen to match to furniture, curtains, wall-paper. If your room teems with flowers, the plaid should be stable tone and if opposite – that it is possible to get a visible, bright plaid, with abstract drawings, for example.

What versions of plaids happen?

Fur plaids.

Very popular also are actively offered by designers. Not only will please an eye, and and will give exotic to your interior. Generally they become from artificial fur which represents fibers of natural wool or artificial materials which jam on jersey in the special way. Use also natural furs in a combination to cotton fabrics. Taky plaids will manage much more expensively. Advantage of the first option is that such plaids are simple for cleaning, erasing, well and naturally on the prices they are very available.

The mixed plaids.

Such plaids represent a combination of natural cotton and acryle. Absolutely are suitable for small children as are very soft and gentle, in difference from the woolen. Be not afraid that after washing such plaid will lose appearance. Thanks to acrylic fibers it will serve you quite for a long time. Popularity of the mixed plaids only grows, as it is very practical in leaving: it is perfectly erased and quickly dries, does not collect a dust.

Acrylic plaids.

Plaids from acryle (acrylic microfiber) soft to the touch and not электризуются, easy and warm, possess high durability and will serve to you not one year. It is possible to carry to advantages of this type of plaids and antibacterial properties. Printsipno to know that acrylic plaids absolutely suit allergic persons as poorly draw a dust.

Woolen plaids.

The real lords among plaids. Not only heat, and and treat! Woolen plaids stimulate blood circulation, reduce pains in joints and a back, quickly heat, at all this allowing skin to breathe.

Woolen plaids комфортабельны in leave and do not demand frequent cleaning. It is possible to carry to shortcomings of this look only a dry-cleaner of a product and contra-indication for allergic persons.

By the way, the most expensive plaids what are made from camel wool. This natural material reliably holds heat, protects from water. Camel wool is stronger sheep and it is essential easier. So if you dream directly of such plaid, be going to lay out for it the large sum.

Electric plaids.

The hardware reached and plaids. Electric plaids are suitable for heating and a bed prosushivaniye. Are irreplaceable at dachas and in houses, where not so not bad heating. Such plaids комфортабельны in storage, are simply turned off, despite existence of heating-up parts in a lining. Will promote people who have muscular and articulate pains.

Road plaids.

Under such serious title plaids of the malekhanky sizes are hidden only, which else call nurseries. Road plaids differ in high density and simply develop. The most successful option for giving or the long road.

To look after plaids quite simply, as well as behind blankets. If it is artificial materials (acryle), special washing is allowed, and woolen products are best of all for airing or cleaning snow.

Let in your house it will be warm not only to a body, and and soul!