Creation wall «an ancient fresco» the hands

Always longed that my bedroom would remind rooms of the Greek goddess. Light, air, with columns and raznofakturny textiles – all this, at a present abundance of building materials and a choice of furniture became available. But, after the completion of repair there was a question that a room – absolutely "naked". On walls very much it would be desirable, something to hang up, but as disappointingly it would not sound, pictures looked is ordinary, and the room to a descent from rooms of the Greek goddess was transformed to a boudoir of the French courtesan.
The exit was by itself as it usually and happens. Looked some documentary film about excavation of the old city and learned that walls of old rooms decorated frescos! To order a wall fresco to the set dresser, after the completion of repair, there was for me yet on a pocket, a choice of ready frescos in shops of building materials which it is possible to fix to a wall, did not approach on a plot, well and the price, in principle too and so it would be desirable to paint walls (the benefit that there plaster, instead of wall-paper). So, my way of creation of a fresco.
First, it is necessary to find the image if you draw, to think up a plot, to prepare dekupazhny glue and krakelyurny varnishes (their two: base and, almost krakeliruyushchy or растрескивающийся), brushes of natural pile – two, synthetic – one. I bought all this in shop where sell art paints, canvases and other, for creativity. In my case, there was a dekupazhny card with old motives though, instead of it it is possible to take and decorative napkins (the top layer), with suitable drawing. Further, we mark a place for a fresco and a little we wash away there plaster. There is not so accurately, but it to us only on advantage. Later, the wide brush put base tone – slightly more darkly than color of a wall. Yes, should make the reservation: check previously comparability of your plaster and paint with which will work.
At present, after drying of base tone, we put drawing (if you draw) or as in my case, by means of dekupazhny glue and a wide synthetic brush, we do application. It is necessary to look after that under the pasted picture there were no air vials. After drying, we put, a separate natural brush, according to the instruction, the 1st or base varnish, in 1-2 hours, the 2nd, krakelyurny varnish. Also we wait for emergence of cracks, besides, according to the instruction. Later, in the formed cracks it is accurately rubbed oil paint of suitable dark tone. On a wall there will be an awful gruel whom it is not necessary to be afraid and which needs to be thrown already, for three days!
Ending phase of your creativity – accurate washing off by a damp sponge of surpluses of oil paint and partially, a varnish coat. And later, plaster, carelessly, dabs, pack outlines of your old fresco. It should be gained effect kept on a wall old, cracked with time, drawing. Looks, very much impressively. Well and special pleasure you receive, лицезрев eyes of those to whom tell that is your hands business!