Curtains – we open an essence.

At requests of readers of last note for textiles, decided to write more laboriously about those types of curtains which were not mentioned, and more laboriously what were opened casually.

So, we will begin with Japanese curtains. They gather from a dense cloth of a fabric which is fixed on rail runners by means of which they rise or fall. But, naturally, it it is better not to represent, and to behold.


‘);"> Curtains - we open an essence.

They can be used not only for windows! They can play a role of the improvised partitions with which it is possible to zone a room simply.

‘);"> Curtains - we open an essence.

Are similar on Japanese, but possess other mechanism of a raising and rolled curtains. At a raising they are wound on the rollers located in the top of a window


Japanese and rolled curtains as well as the Roman curtains, look strictly and very much will add an interior in style of minimalism.
Smarter and womanly Austrian, French and Italian curtains.

‘);">Curtains - we open an essence.

The Austrian curtains in the omitted situation have no folds, and here in the raised are draped by means of the tapes stretched in rings on seamy side of curtains.

‘);"> Curtains - we open an essence.
And here the French curtains always have horizontal folds, both in приспущенням, and in the lifted situation. At the expense of draperies such curtains look very vozdushno therefore will simply decorate though what interior.

The Italian curtains are pulled together on corners therefore have more an appearance not tulle, and portieres. But, executed of an easy fabric, they can decorate, for example, a window with a bay window or a little visually to expand a narrow window. From time to time such design use for bed curtains and canopies over a bed which smartly decorate a headboard.

Not including it there are also crossed curtains which look as two panels, top of everyone them which it is fixed on one party of a window, and a bottom – on turnaround. As a result they do noteworthy draperies and a freakish play of light. It looks approximately so:

At present the design of curtains is limited not only a choice of color and the fabric invoice. It is possible to pick up any kinds, designs and forms of this irreplaceable and very printsipny element of an interior. Besides some models we can simply make the hands or to order. The main thing to hold in the head that as the light source, a window always draws views therefore it is necessary to dress up him respectively!