At present I would long to write not about a certain repair, and oh, so to speak, a postrepair upclassing of the house. I think, all will guess that I mean textiles, after all without it the house will not have neither comfort, nor comfort.

It will be a question of directly clothes for a window – curtains.

There is an unlimited quantity of types of curtains, many of which it is possible to make the hands, having small zaniye on dressmaking.

Classical curtains with a lambrequin, pickups with brushes and a smart drapery approach in a room with suitable metric area and height of ceilings. In a usual room with an improper interior such curtains will look is unduly elaborate and inappropriate.

it is In that case better to pick up curtains in country style or the Italian curtains. The Italian curtains do not move apart completely, they only are smartly draped by means of the tapes which have been passed through in special rings. They do feeling of ease and zero gravity, but approach more quickly to windows which leave on sunny side. In other cases they can shade and without that not so light room.

The Roman curtains will be very comfortable for kitchen. They represent the screen which is draped with the help of special adaptations, gathering to the top part of a window.
‘);"> Curtains
In my opinion, such design not so will be suitable for a room because to them it is very heavy to pick up tulle. Though there can be it only personal outlook of an obozhatelnitsa weightless tyuly at windows J

By the way, if to speak directly about tulle, my soul is given forever a weightless, transparent rainbow casting by all flowers and freely passing sunshine its Majesty to Organza! Any tulle on base фатина with drawings, in my opinion, will not be compared to this material. In particular I am tempted by very magnificent curtains from organza when the window actually seems the veiled liquid glass!

‘);"> Curtains
it is necessary to choose the Coloring of curtains proceeding from eagerness to harmony between them and wall-paper, covers, even color of a floor in a room. Then at you the comfortable thought-over room will turn out. For example, under a coloring of curtains it is possible to order a dusting on glass in interroom doors or to pick up different for type and the invoice, but identical curtains on drawing and covers on upholstered furniture.

The textiles are a, actually, that material in what it is possible to embody though what flight of fancy, at all without having design education, and simply owning the minimum art taste!