Dressing of walls by a fabric

Now there is a mass of materials for furnish of walls of our apartments and houses. One of them is the fabric, dressing of walls by a fabric becomes fashionable again. When you see a fabric on walls, to a meeting you remember the most ancient interiors when furnish of walls was carried out zhakkardy, a gobelin, shtofs.

By means of furnish of walls by a fabric you can visually change proportions of a room and its sizes. Besides thanks to such type of furnish of a wall become warmer, in such rooms it is enough with comfort. By the way, with the unusual decision in registration of walls will not trim all walls of a room, and to allocate one wall and to drape, or to make a huge picture of a fabric, it for certain will bring a highlight in an interior. Very interesting option of furnish when walls fit a fabric put in folds, leaves very beautiful surface which besides improves acoustic properties of a room. After all this option of furnish is considered more expensive because in this case more fabric is necessary for you twice.

Choosing a fabric for walls, pay attention to a material without drawing, it dokhodno will give the invoice of a fabric and color game. After all, do not forget about a design idea, for example, in an interior with Japanese style Oriental cherry drawing, and will be actual for English – a small floret.

Also at selection of tapestry materials for one room, you should consider and furnish of others. If the apartment small, and rooms are not broken, it is best of all to use a fabric of similar drawing, but different flowers. By means of this reception you visually connect rooms, expanding their place, and the interior will be uniform.

To decorate walls it is possible though what fabric. The main qualities at a choice of this material are – relative elasticity, hydrofirmness, stability to pollution. Presently choice of such fabrics rather wide.

Vobshchem, preference is given to linen, cotton, woolen fabrics with a poliestrovy or viscose thread. Cotton in a combination to viscose is very similar to silk and looks very nobly. Naturally, such option of furnish looks much more advantageously, than introduction of absolute cotton.

As walls can be decorated the furniture fabric only processed by moisture-proof impregnations.

From fabric fiber glass for furnish it is better not to use.