Embroidery in an interior

Still first last century practically in each house it was possible to meet the embroidered products. In each family of the girl by means of a thread and a needle put patterns and ornaments on clothes, and subjects of house textiles. Embroidery art unfairly departed in the category of the forgotten hobbies, many consider an embroidery as archaism, not fashionable the direction, without reflecting it is possible what to embroider absolutely though what motive and even in an interior find fault flew there will be a place for the embroidered picture. In representation of many people the embroidery is a horrible type of a towel and a salfetochka which embroidered still their grandmothers.

At present the industry of the goods for an embroidery stepped far forward, producers on interruption offer sets for an embroidery of cloths of known painters, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Gustav Klimt, Monet, Marc Chagall and many other. It is possible to embroider landscapes and still lifes, portraits and abstraction, even it is possible to put your patrimonial coat of arms on a fabric by means of a needle and threads. The embroidered pictures in bagetny frames are made out, workshops now abound with a choice of frames that will allow you to make a picture absolutely individual, neither at friends, nor at acquaintances, even in a museum you will not meet the masterpiece. Though what of us can bring a part of comfort and feature in an interior of own dwelling.

The embroidered pictures the pleasure not from cheap, practically always is the manual skills demanding very laborious approach and huge patience. The embroidery can be in though what detail of an interior – the embroidered curtains, the embroidered furniture, hours with an embroidery. Not essentially what room will find a part of feature, in a bedroom the picture in style of a nu will perfectly be entered, the bathroom in blue tones becomes even brighter, if in it there will be elements of a sea subject. For kitchen not essentially what hostess will find something unique, the embroidered cloths and still lifes. Even it is not necessary to speak about a nursery, the imagination of everyone will allow to decorate this room with an embroidery.

The drawing room deserves the separate paragraph, the embroidered chairs and chairs, smart pictures under style of the interior, the embroidered curtains will allow you to make unique comfort and rich furniture of a room.

The ladder between floors as will play new paints if on a wall, at different levels there will be embroidered pictures. Embroidery art on is many-sided so much that does not leave indifferent even the most certain skeptic.

As an embroidery example in an interior I wish to show a hall photo in my apartment.

The picture World map, hangs in a hall about kitchen

Embroidery in an interior

The picture Flower hangs in a hall, opposite to an entrance door

Embroidery in an interior