Flower compositions. Landing councils.

INVOICE AND HEIGHTFlower compositions. Landing councils.

For future flower bed dimensions of flowers, such as height, the invoice, appearance, a form of leaves, inflorescences and other have rather bolshushchy value also. Also in the course of growth some plants can form a magnificent carpet (such plants the shilovidny phlox, a zhivuchka, a yaskolka), others, on the contrary, similarity of thickets (клопогон are, a volzhanka, a verbeynik), a dense pillow to you such flowers as form a caustic sedum, аубриета or камнеломка). Kustoobraznymi are irises, гелениум, the Chilean bennet, the Alpine aster and others. Not including harmonies in color between plants of a flower bed there should be a harmony and in a structure of inflorescences – they should or be combined, or harmoniously supplement each other. Also do not forget, again I will repeat, about that during the entire period of own flowering, the flower bed changes outside. The type of a spring flower bed will differ in many respects from autumn, not including if you have perennial plants, and the look them will change from year to year. Therefore not to be disappointed further, attentively study characteristics of certain plants, with their features.


If you own some zaniye in planting of flowers, the organization of a flower bed will not cause in you special difficulties. Be guided by the following principles. On a background land the highest colors, and on forward, on the contrary, the lowest. Good the flower bed which has more than 3 nearby or levels will turn out.Flower compositions. Landing councils.
Perennial plants which blossom in the early spring, land so that in the summer they were covered from a look behind high plants. Consider also that three huge plants, five-seven averages of the size will be located on one square meter of a flower bed, seven – eleven low and about 30 5 kovroobrazuyushchy. That your flower bed assumed a natural air, land in one group only odd number of plants and it is indispensable in chessboard order. Equal ranks or elaborate circles on which many like to put flowers, only appropriate to all look artificiality. Distinguish flowers and on growth rate because if you plant together at small distance fast-growing and копотливо growing plants, shortly the fast-growing will simply muffle medlennorastushchy and the last will be lost.

That who has no experience in the organization of flower beds, I will advise before being accepted to work, to draw the approximate plan on a usual sheet of paper, the is more accurate having depicted your desires and possibilities more. Best of all if will make it in scale one to 5 and on graph paper and in color.