Flower compositions.

The main element of a decorative garden, by all means, flowers, which at present, fortunately summer residents, bolshushchy specific unlimited quantity that provides boundless possibilities at garden registration are. But, not so much the wealth and the range operates process, how many the correct combination of these or those types of the flowers, also landed flowers to correspond to your preferences and requirements. Well and it is natural, we do not forget and about aspects in what your plants will be grown up.Flower compositions.

There are two secrets for a construction of a beautiful flower bed. 1-never make it only of one big and magnificent flowers because then your flower bed will look more quickly grandiosely, than smartly; 2-do not make a flower bed also only of malekhanky and low flowers – such flower bed at you «will be lost also razmytost» on the general background. However, for those to whom the form of a flower bed has no value and the fact of growth of plants is important, these rules can be not observed.

Before starting to create the flower bed, scroll in the head for a start, you will select plants for what principle. You can make at yourselves a garden by a principle of continuous flowering of plants when when withering the 1st type of flowers, another opposite will start to blossom only. And so up to the late fall. But also it is possible to make a garden in what flowers will be distributed on a certain color palette, or by the form plants etc. It is also possible to experiment not only with plants, well and with beds. In that case your garden can be built by a geometrical principle, proceeding from a form of beds. Generally, flight of imaginations in this question is unlimited. Not including that, keep in mind also that fact that in the course of "life" your plants will change in volume and planting density. Flower compositions.

Though what garden the dominating color assumes green and all its colors. Directly on a green background all that richness of flowers which you wish to plant will settle down. The combination of such flowers as cold blue and warm yellow will be rather fine to look, the flower bed in what there are some in harmony groups will look also zavorazhivayushche. Try, as option, for this purpose to land violet delphiniums and yellow-orange тагетесы, also leaves hosts and bright red east poppies.

Flower compositions.
If you have more to liking flowers with gentle flowers of buds, can use in landing such plants as peonies, phloxes, дицентра, roses, a rose-malva and a flower – all colors select in a rose-white tonality. Also consider option of landing of lilac-blue composition – such flowers as a delphinium, a lavender, a sage, a geranium and a hand bell here can be combined. Flowers are suitable for fans of solar flowers with all flowers of red, yellow and orange flowers. And if with two-colored contrasts everything is rather simple, with trekhtsvetiy it is necessary a little more difficult. All the matter is that different colors also are perceived by the person differently. Against white, green and blue all colors more make active themselves. And so if in your composition to add at least some flowers of brightly solar color, your flower bed will inevitably draw a look. Flowers of pastel gentle flowers in a flower bed should be a little more than others because in smaller quantity because of specifics of the coloring they "will simply be lost" in all wealth of other own brighter "neighbors".