Flowers in the house

The subject which I wish to mention not enough would seem is suitable for a portal about repair. But согласить that when repair already behind and you enjoy rest, admiring result of the done work, more bigger esthetic pleasure delivers also the bouquet of beautiful flowers presented by your by native or friends, come to congratulate you with the successful completion of work and wishing together with you to cancel so outstanding event in your life.

Well and the simply perfectly made bunch of flowers can decorate considerably your interior and fill the house, the wonderful fragrance, forcing out from it smells of fresh paint, plaster and so forth which so reluctantly disappear, despite careful airing.

No matter what hostess wishes, that flowers lived for a long time, and did not lose the freshness. Certainly, in modern trade there is an unlimited quantity of the various preparations intended directly for such purposes. But tell, who from us ever used them? Therefore not some ordinary councils will be superfluous how whenever possible to keep in a veil fresh flowers and to prevent their premature withering.

– Fresh flowers will stand much more long if they the 1st look and do not constrain each other in a veil.

– If you use tap water (well and what else), having filled a vase, let’s to water settle in a room in a current of 2-4 hours without flowers.

Remember that in cold water flowers fade quicker.

– It is necessary to remove the bottom leaves and escapes.

– Trunks of flowers cut obliquely. Better if you will make it under water as to open capillaries together with air can get and some microorganisms. Their development can lead to fast obstruction of capillaries, and respectively break a food of stalks.

– A vase fill with water so that trunks of flowers were shipped in water on two thirds of their length.

– Water is better be not to adding, and once a day to change for the latest.

– Do not put a vase with the flowers on the sun or it is close with heat sources, and for the night clean in a cool place, for example on a window sill.

– If you have no special means, having dissolved a little кристалликов lemon acid, or even 0,5 g of aspirin on one liter of water, it is possible to prolong considerably also life to your bouquet.

At present some councils on certain grades of flowers.

– So for example at a lilac, a mimosa, or acacias before their installation in a vase, it is necessary to split the bottom tips of branches.

– Fragrant peas will feel it much better at frequent change of water, to 2-3 times a day.

– Forget-me-nots love a cool place, and here water at them it is not necessary to change, but only once a day to add the fresh.

– A carnation as it magnificently does not love noise. If you put it near a TV set or a radio receiver, it will quickly wither.

For all svezhesrezanny flowers as a vase, can approach though what vessel, excepting the steel. Ions of metals, passing to water, do it harmful to plants.

As to the amateur flower grower it will be interesting to me, if someone in comments to article adds these councils with the.

I will be very grateful.