Global gardening or what should be ecologically spotless house

In Europe the ecological boom began long ago. The middle class tries to discover organic products in supermarkets, buys hybrid cars, and to ordinary bulbs of an incandescence prefers the energy saving. Celebrities go further away – they build safe houses for health. So, Ordando Blum’s "green" house in London is already actually ready, and Brad Pitt and Leonardo di Caprio for a long time caught to itself apartments in the unique non-polluting house in New York. Probably, stars already familiarized with WHO data (The global organization of health care) according to which inhabitants of big cities carry out in the open air only 10 % of own time. Other 90 % is a house, an office, shops … Meanwhile, air in rooms of modern apartments is polluted more than on streets! Therefore, if you тревожут safety issues, it is necessary to study a question of ecology of the dwelling before construction of own house – after all on materials used a system in many respects depends, as suitable there will be an atmosphere in rooms.

Global gardening or what should be ecologically spotless house
So, what the ideal what house represents? First, it is the house from a tree, constructed on technology of frame construction, as a heat insulator in what mineral cotton wool from basalt breeds (Rockwool) or what cotton wool (an insulating material on the basis of cellulose) is used. From the interior of walls in the house the paroizolyatsiya interfering hit of water to a heat insulator, isolation also reflecting radiated heat is provided. Such "pie" from insulating materials provides maintenance of comfortable air temperature in rooms and lowers costs for heating. Not including that, in a covering it is possible to hide internal communications (electric wires, air lines, water supply pipes etc.).

What house planning from 2 floors differs radically from the usual. Bedrooms in it settle down on the first floor, a working zone (an office, library) as it is possible was shined with the sun through partially transparent roof better. On a roof photo cells for independent providing a structure with the electric power are surely installed.

In furnish of the house ecologically spotless materials – gypsum cardboard for walls and a ceiling are used only (the ceiling can be thrown as is – beams of overlappings will give it unique charm), water emulsion paint or pith wall-paper, a parquet, natural linoleum, a clay tile. And here furnish materials on the basis of plastic (PVC panel), the vinyl wall-paper, many varnishes and paints as disappointingly it would not sound, are toxic – they are capable to sate air such unhealthy the person with substances, as phenol, formaldehyde, винилхлорид etc. At continuous stay in such aspects at the healthy person allergic diseases often develop, there are migraines etc. What to speak about chronically sick, starenky or children!

The furniture in the non-polluting house should be made of a tree, flew down, in the latter case – aluminum. From use in a design of furniture of DVP and a particleboard it is better to be released – it is proved that for many years after purchase they allocate harmful substances in the room atmosphere, and is concrete, formaldehyde. In this sense the vintage dresser which has got by inheritance from the grandmother, is even safer than modern cabinet furniture.

Global gardening or what should be ecologically spotless house
Ecologically spotless it is considered not only a tree, well both a stone, and a brick (tested for level of radiating safety). So the choice of materials for construction of what houses is. As well as a choice of materials for furnish of rooms. The only thing about what it is necessary to tell in addition – all of them even more expensively than materials artificial. So, the price of natural linoleum for 70 % is higher, than synthetic, wood windows differ on the prices from plastic for 30-50 % etc. Whether you are ready to overpay for environmental friendliness? Who has no such possibility, ecologists give advice how to make the atmosphere in the apartment or the house, where do you live, more healthy:

– as it is possible air a room if windows of your apartment leave in a quiet court or on the deserted street more often. If you live in the center, and under windows – the brisk highway, establish in the apartment system of a supply and exhaust ventilation and in addition get the air ionizer (it does air in the apartment on structure similar to air in mountains or the wood after a rain)

– if you use the gas stove, surely establish over it an extract – it will clean all unhealthy products of burning from kitchen

– repair a tile – can quite be that under it there is a poisonous asbestos. Get rid from asbestine сантехкабины you cannot – therefore simply do not allow contact of this material to the bathroom atmosphere

– in all rooms, not including bedrooms, put on window sills houseplants – they enrich air with oxygen in the afternoon days.

These councils will not promote you to make a suitable ecological situation if at construction of a structure the materials bad or not passed sanitary control were used. But absolutely minimize harm for health by means of these simple actions can to be.

Notes: 1. in the text the phrase "non-polluting" means safe for health of the person, instead of for the nature as a whole – because materials, creation, transportation and which storage does not harm to environment, simply does not exist. 2. Not including dwelling ecology, (for example, allergic) it is necessary to pay to the people having various diseases bolshushchy attention and life ecology – and is concrete to use as little as possible synthetic washing and cleaners, replacing them natural (a lemon, soda, vinegar)