Guess, what is it?

Guess, what is it?

As you think, what is it?

Picture? Reproduction? Photo?

In principle, in some to a measure, all from the listed. It actually a picture collected from puzzles.

I had about some weeks from a sort to the kid when to me the spouse presented a box with 2000 puzzles. At this time the child slept, for 3-4 hours several times a day much, there was nothing to do especially, here I and collected at a leisure.

Actually, the most fascinating occupation and if to pick up later a frame, on a wall looks simply smartly. In particular impresses guests when notice that it is collected from malekhanky slices.

If you wish to decorate the interior with something similar (naturally, with the drawing which has pleasant to you), but there is a fear that there will be patience or not no confidence of own forces, add to the arsenal small councils. You will surely consult, simply it will be necessary a little diligence and patience. By the way, such exercises perfectly help with memory and attention development.

At work with such large volumes it is better to begin with sorting. Make so many small groups, how many types of drawings you notice, so it will be simpler to collect later.

All puzzles are necessary for overturning pictures up, for this purpose to you each small group is better for spreading out in a separate box with sides. Sides will prevent a rassypaniye, after all it is enough to lose one detail and all work will be crossed out.

The late begins the most interesting. It is necessary to peer very long into the spread-out puzzles, trying to present, in what site of a picture it approaches. I still brought to drawing on a box and put in different places. However, it is not always clear, where top, where a bottom therefore it was necessary to twist many times there-here. Later in each small group put the piece, and later simply unite everything in a single whole.

Actually, it is most difficult to begin and скооперировать the 1st three puzzles, and usually process already there is all quicker and quicker, though will not tell that like clockwork.

And here huge puzzles to lay down inexpressibly hard. Under a different corner they give different drawing, and a picture from 500 huge puzzles I put as much, how many from 2000 ordinary. However, result tremendous though on a photo the volume not so is clearly visible.

Guess, what is it?