In the house, where carved palisade

The Propilny carving in an extent actually is 100 years, among other national crafts, very widespread form of Russian national creativity on the village. Strongly pronounced Russian municipal character is inherent in a similar type of a carving. Ornaments of patterns comprise unlimited quantity sensual and cheeful, and at times and fantastic motives.

The Propilny carving in different districts can be called differently: somewhere it call – a vypilovka, somewhere – an openwork carving, a siluetny or through carving, and somewhere – a lacy cut. But all these names unites in itself the main manner of a carving in the way of a propilivaniye.

Quite often propilny carving is applied together with a vyemchaty and ploskovyemchaty carving, a tocheniye and other modes of work on a tree. But openwork drawing in the way of a propilny carving is among their basic and subordinates to itself all other forms, giving to a product of line of the general art unity.

In particular it is typical to the products which have been executed at the end of 19th – the beginning of the 20th eyelid. More widely the propilny carving was applied and developed in the Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod and Vladimir provinces, having received that the independent direction among various Russian crafts.

If you live in the country wood house, by means of patterns executed in the way of a propilny carving, it is possible to decorate perfectly your dwelling, having created for example an openwork frame for windows and doors, patten eaves of roofs, a carved fence of a front garden and other.

For the person able to work with stock on a tree process of creation of products with application of a propilny carving will not make special difficulty. The pattern which is carried out or by hand is put on the board prepared for a carving, or on in advance made template. Later in suitable places through openings for a narrow saw which the master and cuts an ornament on a contour are drilled. After the completion of work, the product is smoothed out by an emery paper, then is varnished or painted.

When using different receptions and equipment of cutting out of a carving the general are used for all works tools and initial materials: pilny board, drill, saw.

As a saw use a narrow hacksaw, a luchkovy or tape saw, a fret saw. The choice of a saw will depend on an azhurnost of the drawing.

In the house, where carved palisade