Koshkin house

I from youth was "koshatnitsa" therefore during the period when we with future spouse rented apartments, I very much missed a live fluffy lump in the house. The spouse as felt: as we caught the apartment, he presented to me a charming kitty who to a meeting became native in our apartment. Only the trouble that for sharpening of claws it chose a new sofa which was almost unique new thing in our apartment. It appears, there is a tremendous way to disaccustom a pet from the wrong place of sharpening of claws!

Now in the market there are many options of cat’s lodges in what it is possible, both to sleep, and to sharpen claws, and to rage. Surely, it is possible to get the pleasant house and to establish it which is already ready, in though to what room. But at monetary difficulties there is no special difficulty in making such lodge the hands. Undoubtedly in yours the house there will be some boxes from plywood or DVP or their scraps from which it is possible to hammer together yashchichka. It is necessary to upholster these yashchichka with the remains of a carpet or simply strong fabric which will sustain kogotka.
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To connect between itself yashchichka it is possible by means of wound with a strong rope or a cord of cardboard or wood pipes. They are not so heavy for finding, how it seems at first sight. Remember big pipes from a carpet or carpets on what them sell? They are wound directly on pipes which, as well as possible, are suitable for claws of our favourites. And dealers and will be delighted that they should not utilize these tubes, and they will get to you absolutely gratuitously. To create a winding of pipes a cord follows very carefully that the rope laid down hard rings closely to each other. At the top of a pipe it is possible to fix the loved toy of your cat, it will most quicker accustom to play and scratch directly it, instead of upholstered furniture of your apartment.

‘);"> Koshkin house
As it is possible to arrange an open berth, in the form of a shelf. Still it is possible to sheathe soft foam rubber, and from above though what fabric – the kitten certainly will like such soft stove bench, and it leaves your favourite chair of J

If your cat likes to sit on a window sill, and you are afraid for destiny of yours the beloved of flowerpots with flowers, by means of an arm and a board upholstered with foam rubber or a carpet, you can "expand" a window sill specially for needs of the favourite!