Lighting devices the hands

Many people feel requirement after vain day of work to plunge into the atmosphere of absolute rest and comfort. I offer some versatile ideas on light registration in your house as often directly receptions with illumination do an interior warmer and calming. In the majority of thematic materials you will meet such options, as with brightness control (by means of a dimmer), replacement of the central chandelier by numerous sconces and floor lamps – it is possible to find the raznourovnevy built-in lighting of one thousand councils how to soften paints in the house. But, in my opinion, our houses do not have enough man-made heat: in shops such reznoobrazy the goods that only designers and fans add in an interior of a product of own "production". So, here a little, rather ordinary, decisions.

Chandelier for kitchen or the suburban house. For its production you need a wire, the boss, a lamp (and similar necessary trifles which can be found in household shop), classical wine-bottles (other options, the main thing are possible also, do not choose very massive glass products) and though what tool for glasses are sharp. Naturally, to receive the expensive machine for the sake of one chandelier there is no sense therefore it is possible to borrow at acquaintances or for a small payment to ask to saw off bottoms at bottles in a workshop where cut glasses for windows (to find such it is possible in any bolshenny construction market). It is simple to guess that the design leaves ordinary, but unusual, and therefore is worthy. Push a wire with the boss on the end in a bottle so that the boss appeared in a bottle. Light from such chandelier will extend soft to make appearance even more interesting, it is possible to paint a bottle though with what transparent paint on glass (for example to make wide cross-section strips). It is possible to make a chandelier of several such bottles which hang in a row or around: the form of the socket with which cover connections of wires directly at a ceiling, and idea of production the same will change only. The next possible option is a registration of a bottle along the edges a fabric or satin ribbons. This reception can be used in this case if it seemed to you that the chandelier is not in harmony with style of design of all room.

Desk lamp with сухоцветами. Here the idea consists in alteration the most ordinary lamps on a high unbending leg and with the ordinary lamp shade though what form and material. We take an unnecessary round aquarium (better even less), or a 3-liter jar here naturally, the leg of a desk lamp is better to drill a hole of the same diameter, as. We remove from a lamp the lamp shade, we turn off an iron design on which it keeps, we "put on" an aquarium (or to bank) "head over heels" on a lamp leg, previously having filled it сухоцветами (they are on sale in such shops of the IKEA and OBI type). It is possible to throw a little flowers for design of the lamp shade: chaotically to paste flowers on a woven surface and atop accurately to cover with a merkly varnish. It is possible and not to do the last, but then your desk lamp will reincarnate in a dust collector, as сухоцветы very fragile that with them to wipe a dust.

Here such two ideas for home lighting devices. Handwork will give to an interior comfort, and to you – a reason for pride))