Magic stones on a wall. We add a highlight.

Doing repair in the apartment, I faced need to diversify and decorate its interior. Infinite walks on the factory markets and shops «All for repair» – we will call them so, brought only growing disappointment and plunged into inexpressible suppression by the monotony of the offered Chinese-Polish goods and their quality. As, I for repair bought already enough of such "consumer goods", it would be desirable something, what not enough who from my acquaintances had in the house arsenal.

The idea visited me when I walked on the embankment and saw the big stone which is sticking out of sand ashore. At first, I passed by, but, coming back a way back, for some reason decided to kick it with a foot. As it appeared, it was a bad invention proceeding from belief of care of health of my foot, and very successful confluence of events – on the other hand.

Perhaps, the reader will be surprised by style of a narration, and even a detective intrigue, but … you will be not not intrigued, though, maybe, only most a little, naturally, under a stone I did not find a treasure, but the stone appeared very valuable find, naturally, in limits of applicability to my repair work.

It was the big stone in order that it to take from soil, it was required to go behind a shovel. Having grasped the suitable tool, and having asked the familiar taxi driver «to throw me there, later to throw back with cargo», I went on hunting. I was not necessary to carry out "archeological excavations" for a long time, and soon with a stone, no, not on soul, in soul I sang and flew up highly for clouds, was in an integrity and safety is delivered to an entrance of the familiar house by a taxi service of our city.

… As I also assumed, it was the shell rock. You, probably, will tell: «And what in it such magic, in this usual piece of a shell rock, the kg on 30 is powerful?». I with a smile will notice that by itself this stone is possible, as it is not necessary though what other piece of a material which the hand of the master did not touch. But after all the material already is, it is necessary to find the master only!

It was not necessary to find for a long time when I in a bathroom washed a stone from silt and грязищи, it suddenly burst, and collapsed on two pieces. After such incident I decided to shatter it into smaller slices. Having thoroughly worked as an axe and the puncher, I received in "inheritance" from a stone a small group of flat pieces of a shell rock.

It was decided to make of them monumental composition and to set up it on a wall in the company of the spouse, friends, and several banok of good German beer. In order that the idea received a real embodiment, I got one bag of "Polirem-101" – glue for a tile, it has low the price and, besides, is on sale at every turn, and as, a varnish one-liter jar, for the subsequent processing of found "panel".

First, for composition placement, the choice fell on a wall limiting «a place of a constant dislocation» hostesses of a home, and a favourite place of guests – kitchen. On «meeting concerning re-planning and life arrangement» the decision was accepted unanimously, do not think that individually me, it was supported by all! J

Process of work on laying I will not depict, because of its simplicity and monotony, you do not wish, that I wrote: «I take one thousand 100 40 ninth stone, I put on it glue by means of "trowel" and I paste it on a wall». I will report only that previously the wall is necessary for clearing of the remains of old wall-paper, and pieces of the fallen-off plaster if those are available on a suitable site. To level a wall site for laying there is no need. It can be, thanks to so-called to "effect of masking» which is shown as the visual effect hiding all defects and roughnesses. It is next positive «a stone in a kitchen garden» furnish of walls by a stone.

The most important, it to bring all "kitchen garden" into a respective condition after glue drying. Here it is not necessary to hurry up, time is necessary in order that «knitting on a cement and glue basis» hardened. On the last measure so it was written on packing from glue for a tile which I got to paste stones on a wall. It was necessary to wait day.

On the 2nd day after laying, I put with a brush a varnish on a surface of stones. After, later even any time, repeated function, after all the varnish was intensively absorbed during a shell rock time.

I wish to behold that I am not the specialist in the field, it is my debut.

Here, as my creation looks.

Photo cut off to allocate stones. In the near future I will make a panoramic photo of own creation. When repair I will finish. There were small strokes.

Magic stones on a wall. We add a highlight.

Magic stones on a wall. We add a highlight.

Magic stones on a wall. We add a highlight.