Manufacturing of decorative products from plaster without the aid of others.

At furnish of the apartment or the personal house it is possible to use decorative products from plaster: relief tiles, plates for facing of walls and ceilings, decorative inserts, modelled products and practically all another. Naturally, it is even simpler to get the elements designated above in finished form. But, in this case feature of your dwelling can be lost, and it risks to become one of one thousand similar.

One of more widespread ways of production of separate decorative products is the carving on plaster.

Before beginning any works on a carving it is necessary to make ornament drawing. It is better to do an ornament so that drawing repeated several times on a plate. For this purpose it is necessary to take dense drawing paper and to curtail it four times, fastening edges paper clips. Further on one party of paper put drawing of future product with a pencil. Later by a pricker or a needle do punctures on all lines of drawing. When everything will be ready, a leaf develop, on all its surface strokes will put a drawing contour.

Further it is possible to start manufacturing of a plaster plate on which the ornament will be cut. On a smooth surface of a table from wood laths long 1000, width 50 and height of 30 mm make a frame. Fill in solution in a ready frame in two steps. Solution for the bottom layer prepare in a proportion: on two parts of plaster three parts of water. When plaster completely will soak up water, having got a sour cream consistence, it, without mixing, carefully I fill in in a form. It is necessary to fill in so that solution was distributed on the form bottom by a uniform layer in width about 20 mm. Approximately in 10 minutes the stiffened layer wipe the humidified rag and put the 2nd layer. the 2nd layer unlike the first is necessary for kneading carefully. In about 10-15 minutes after a skhvatyvaniye of solution it is necessary to remove carefully laths of a form and if necessary to level face by means of a knife or a scalpel. Later on a surface of a plate stack a template of drawing and on places of punctures put a dry pigment. After that the template can be removed, and found on a plate surface dotted drawing is necessary for leading round a pencil. Further it is necessary to take a scalpel and having inclined it at an angle about 45 degrees, accurately messages near the planimetric line, having receded from it towards a background of 2-3 mm. At performance of this type of works by fingers of a free hand it is possible to hold and direct a scalpel. That plaster was better cut it it is possible to sprinkle from time to time water, and at breaks in a boat it is better to cover with the humidified rag and a polyethylene film. After подрезки it is possible to start removal of a layer of plaster of the ornament which was a background. The plane of a background and the plane of an acting ornament process further though in what comfortable way before receiving an equal, smooth surface and completeness of drawing.