Marble or tree only paint.

the Most widespread way dressing of walls moderately потесняется new materials. Wall-paper, naturally, is presented very widely, but not each style of an interior
it is possible to issue them. So for design of walls of a laconic interior coloring is used. Even, if someone says that the apartment becomes similar to an office, similar style has the right to existence. As by means of one only paints can achieve different effects, the main thing to know some rules of the treatment of paint. It is not obligatory to use similar receptions on walls, the open space for creativity is unlimited: here both furniture, and ware, and different framework or souvenirs.
You would not choose what equipment of dressing, at first it is necessary to prepare a surface. The wood polished surface to process a malekhanky emery paper. The raw tree, plywood and ceramics to prepare and ground.
Concrete walls are obligatory for leveling, smoothing out and grounding.
For dressing it is best of all to use semi-opaque latex paints. If it is necessary to make effect at which the patch of light is necessary only for the last слоёв, it is necessary to use opaque paint, as the main background. For malekhanky hand-made articles, such as a framework and vases it is possible to use acrylic paints. The surface can be protected from damages by a merkly varnish which will give also suitable luster.
The type of the painted surface essentially depends on quantity of flowers and contrast between them. To receive water color narrow drawing it is necessary to use more light relatives on a paint shade. If it is necessary to receive visual volume, contrast picturesque saturated colors of paint approach.
Has bolshushchy value and a drawing order слоёв: from the most dark to the most light. To make effect of melange it is possible using as base and the last layer of the 1st color.
Not including brushes in dressing use various improvised materials: the real sea sponge, paper, a rough fabric, various brushes, feathers – generally, all that can give usual effect.
Way of drawing of paint too various from a promokaniye, to a prorisovyvaniye.
In such a way it is possible to give to the painted surface appearance of various materials. It looks interestingly, and costs very cheap. Drawing can be borrowed at the nature: semiprecious stones, a bark of trees, but the most interesting drawing it is possible to spot at various lichens. Create, try.