Mirrors in an interior (on feng shui)

Mirrors on feng shui are registered on the strongest regulators and energy transmitters, both positive, and negative. Therefore to place them in the apartment follows with big accuracy. Even if you not the adherent of the feng shui, some councils can be taken for base, after all to feng shui techniques not one thousand years.

Where you would not hang up a mirror, it should reflect a tiny place over your head. It will impulse to development of new ideas. The round and approximated mirrors, or, on the last measure, with a minimum of corners are welcomed. The mirror surely should hang in a hall as entering positive energy of TsI will be distributed on all apartment. Having arranged some mirrors (it is possible not so big) opposite to doors in living rooms, but not opposite to each other, according to other Qi will circulate, being reflected in them alternately. Besides the mirror in a hall absorbs negative information which his owners or their guests can bring in the house.

In a bedroom to hang up a mirror categorically it is not recommended. Negative emotions, from which people it is released in a dream, will be returned to it by a mirror. The special ban exists on mirror placement directly opposite to a bed where the sleeping person will be reflected. If it is a matrimonial bed, thus a hanging mirror can destroy marriage or accelerate emergence of the third party – the lover. It is also necessary to avoid emergence in reflection of a mirror of unesthetic subjects – sockets, dirty linen, a recycle bin, a toilet. Thus, their negative energy is multiplied. It is better, if in a mirror something is reflected pleasant or useful – a purse, means, a beautiful picture and another. The same concerns also a mirror tile which in particular is popular in a bathroom or corridors. In – 1-x, on own influence it as is equated to a mirror, and in – 2-x, splitting up the image of the person, it breaks his image and energy into small slices that influences his health.

Despite unlimited quantity of the ban connected with placement of mirrors, they can change very much the apartment to the best. For example, to disguise acute and unpleasant angles, to hide from a look a toilet.

To mirror wonderful properties were always attributed and before hanging up in the apartment this subject, it is necessary to think several times not to do mistakes.