Picture… at a window?

Represent, you close a jalousie at a window and find out, what instead of a window at you – a fine landscape of snow-covered mountains? Yes, it is one of recent novelties in the Russian market which already managed to be fallen in love by much – a photojalousie or as they are called still by a composite jalousie. By means of such jalousie it is possible to give special chic to an apartment interior, visually to expand a place of a small room, well and in a nursery to amuse picturesque drawings of small penises of a family. Some esthetes hang up a photojalousie simply on a wall as a panel, simulating a picture or a landscape. It is possible to think up unlimited number of receptions and ways of their introduction. A photojalousie becomes on the basis of vertical, horizontal and rolled types of a jalousie.

It is possible to put on a jalousie practically though what image, whether it be a reproduction of a picture, a photo, fantasy motives, a still life, a landscape or own drawings. The image can be made color or black-and-white, on all cloth of a jalousie or only on a part it, it is dependent on taste and a wish of the customer. But it will be better, if a choice of a subject of drawing for a photojalousie to entrust the designer. For lamely by a photojalousie it is used various materials: it and the material blackout giving complete blackout, and the monophonic fabric of lune which is not completely detaining access of a sunlight. And it is possible to make them on the basis of almost transparent net materials which do more quick decorative function.

Photojalousie becomes on the modern hi-tech printing equipment a method of the sublimatsionny press by means of which picturesque and saturated colors of drawing turn out. The special program processes a photoplot for drawing on ламели so that at combination them accuracy of drawing to mm is reached. Drawing on a jalousie can be both unilateral, and oboyestoronny. Usually, term of production of a photojalousie makes from 5 to 7 days.

Also a photojalousie found vast application in offices, shops, salons which use them in the advertizing purposes. For example, in offices, halls of establishments, offices it is possible to behold a photojalousie with a company logo. In shops of a photojalousie establish on vitrinny windows as outdoor advertizing.

Finally it should be noted that a photojalousie is unpretentious in leaving. They can be cleaned, as an ordinary jalousie, they do not burn out on the sun.

Cost of a photojalousie depends on the chosen photoplot, but at all this it is possible to behold that their price not so differs from the price of an ordinary jalousie. But finally you receive a personal, nepovtorimy, "exclusive" jalousie.