Plants in an office

Naturally, the office is not a winter garden and not a greenhouse. But to imagine it without greens it is simply unreal. Plants are done by a suitable psychological spirit both of guests, and of employees, promote faster restoration of forces (therefore them usually establish in recreation areas), revitalize air, do better mood, and some besides – and reduce possibility to ache in epidemics! So pluses of placement of plants in an office it is available, here only how to make so that to flowers it was comfortable?

1. To establish racks with flowers, tubs or pots follows far away from places of saturated movement – on another the risk of damage of fragile leaves and stalks is great. The draft as is undesirable to them.

2. The closer to light, the better. But this light should be natural – not without reason a quite good site for flowers are window sills. If windows of an office leave on the South, and in very light-, at windows it is possible to grow up primroses, fuchsias, haworthias, a citrus, ficuses … In the summer these plants it is possible притенять by means of 5. In offices quite often like to arrange the whole flower compositions – from a set nearby the plants located and perfectly being combined in common – the benefit of a place for a flight of fancy even more, than in the apartment, well and material possibilities allow to get exotic, effective and creating style of the succeeding company of culture. But such "density" has the backs – if one plant falls ill, from it all can catch others. Yes, plants too catch diseases from each other, as well as people – only not virus, but fungoid (more often) or the called insects wreckers. Therefore, if you create composition from flowers, provide among their one or the several steady against diseases – even if all remained will wither and will go on "reanimation", your office will not look the lifeless. Champions on resistance to fungi and defeat by wreckers – мурайя, a stapeliya, a radermakher.

Well and, eventually, the special attention is necessary guide at that the person who will look after plants in an office, really knew how it to do. After all quite often in acquisition of green plantings management brings rather big sums, and it will be offensive, if finally inept actions of a plant will simply be lost. Standard care of flowers of cleaners – to water the soil (if not to forget), times to sprinkle, absolutely from time to time – to replace. It is suitable far not for all cultures. Frequent watering is necessary to any plants, and water should not stand in pallets that there was no rotting of roots. Any invariable spraying, top dressing or a scrap is necessary … All this should be known, and plants – to love and have an "easy" hand. That is why it is best of all to engage the special employee (an ozelenitel, the gardener-set dresser) which will look after your green corner in an office. Naturally, it is justifiable only if plants really much, and they occupy the huge space. If your office moderated in the sizes is decorated only by pair of copies of decorative cultures for certain in collective there will be the employees, ready to assume care of them. The main thing that plants in an office did not become for all a burden – then they will grow and хорошеть, pleasing the eye of employees and guests, providing style of the stable and quite good company.