Rolled curtains

Why in the apartment curtains, curtains or a jalousie are necessary? The answer is simple – for protection of a room against the visible sun in the afternoon and from postoroniy eyes – in the evening.

But what it is better to choose – a jalousie or curtains?, It seems, both a jalousie, and curtains has the right to be in an apartment interior. But now all huge popularity win roletny curtains. them still call – a roletny jalousie. The name, a roletny jalousie, rolled curtains received because обьеденили in itself a practicality zhalyuzy and a cozy house esthetics of curtains.

Having special processing and fabric impregnation, rolled curtains do not burn out and do not change color on a bright sun, also protect from burning out wall-paper on walls, furniture, etc.

Rolled curtains with success are used in state muddy, bedrooms. The density of a material allows to scatter light softly. Also, they can be used in kitchen or a loggia therefore as are steady against temperature drops and humidity.

Such curtains it is possible to fix not only to eaves, well and to the frame. Irrespective of, the frame is made of what material – wood, plastic or aluminum.

Thanks to the universality, simplicity in use, rolled curtains allow to make convenience and comfort, visually expand a place.