Scenery from prosechny metal

Long since in Russia for furnish of house utensils, scenery свесов roofs, window gleams, production of weather vanes and other, prosechny metal was applied. Well and today products from prosechny iron find own handymen and admirers.

Not including listed works for house and interior scenery it is possible to make of prosechny metal konkovy lattices, plums and a navershiya of the drainpipes, different small lamps and the candlesticks, also practically all another. The products which have been executed similarly, can reach as very huge sizes – dome crosses, well very malekhanky – scenery of caskets or small souvenir books.

As a material for production of various products by a method of a prosechka ferrous metals are used: low-carbonaceous steel or tin, as well the color: copper, aluminum, brass, etc. Thickness of sheets from 0,1 to 2 mm though in certain cases for a prosechka metal in width from 5 mm and more is used. The main stock are hammers in weight from 0,1 to 2 kg. Also sechka, a zubilets, punches and chisels be required. As auxiliary stock files, files, scissors on metal, an electrodrill, grinding skins and some other will serve.

For those who will want to be engaged in creation of ordinary prosechny products it is possible to test the forces in manufacturing, for example a lung on drawing свеса. As a material take metal from a usual can, for example from «The condensed milk» or instant coffee. With an ordinary can opener remove a bottom and an empty jar cover, later scissors on metal cut to bank lengthways and, having developed, remove the bottom and top fillets. Having leveled the found leaf of metal, put on it expected drawing and small carnations fix preparation to smooth wood base. Scenery from prosechny metal
Process of a prosechka begin with drilling in central places of drawing, openings. For ensuring ordinary drilling of soft sheet metal, a drill it is necessary to grind at an angle 130-140 degrees. We execute a prosechka of all internal parts of a product later. The cutting edge of the tool is established to the drawing line, the blow a hammer then the tool move for its width on drawing strips, etc. becomes. After prosechka performance, having separated a leaf from the basis, scissors cut out an external contour. Later face surfaces for removal of agnails process files, and the plane smooth out a grinding skin.

After the necessary quantity of products is made it is possible to strengthen them into place with the help, for example small tacks. The main thing at work with metal to work accurately and not to forget about suitable security measures.

Scenery from prosechny metal