The decoupage

For certain in many apartments can be found furniture still the Russian production, quite qualitative, but in gloomy and awful tones. After good repair of means, usually, any more does not remain on that also furniture to change. Meanwhile, there is quite interesting way helping from ordinary-looking subjects to make an author’s, stylish interior of your house. This way is called a decoupage. Many cure does not ask, and the result pleasantly strikes, in particular those who does not know its secrets. So, for example, it is necessary to change an old bedside table. Clean off old paint if in it there is a need, шпаклюете all cracks, dents, chips etc. Paint on – new. Better acrylic paint as such paint practically does not smell, dries quickly and perfectly looks. After paint will dry, we cover a surface with a very narrow layer of an acrylic varnish. It is better to use, besides, directly acrylic varnish because of its convenience in work. Without waiting, while it will dry, we paste on this varnish or skeletirovanny leaves which can be got in the shops trading in dekoratorsky expendables, or any images, for example, pictures from magazines. It is also possible to use decorative napkins which are on sale in the unlimited quantity, the most different coloring. The main thing that interestingly looked and color would be in harmony with color of the bedside table.
And from above we put one more layer of an acrylic varnish which fixes the image or the skeletirovanny leaves used for scenery. After the varnish will absolutely dry, and it dries very quickly, it is possible border and a pro-vein of skeletirovanny leaves to designate planimetric paste which is on sale in art shops.
As a result of all these manipulations your bedside table will take a unique form which will pleasantly strike all your guests and to entertain your look the originality and uniqueness.