The pool with a fountain – the semantic and visual center of all house

The time of repair of our house and reconstruction of the adjacent district came. The spouse was engaged in construction of a new fence, and I decided to execute the dream of a reservoir with a fontanchik and lotuses.

In the summer at us the house of children, and own and another’s is full. Therefore it was necessary to arrange everything so that to provide to children – safety, to lotuses – depth about a meter, to a fountain – possibility to include the pump in the next socket, to guests – possibility to be charmed by a fountain from an arbor. In order that bio balance was established, the volume of water should be rather big – at least 5 cubic meter. And here is how we solved these problems.

Many years a residential zone from a garden were separated by the raised bed in the form of a semicircle. A place comfortable, just near an arbor and a barbecue, the visual center of the estate and a brisk intersection: all paths paved, as well as a yard, paving slabs here meet. Here and to be to our reservoir!

But what style to choose? The wood lake with canes means, it seems to me, tranquility and some privacy. … No, in our case, contrary to initial plans, the strict usual form asked. Peterhof, «Friendship of the people» on VDNH, still something in this spirit was remembered … It is solved: the semicircular bowl raised over the earth, in the center a fountain, and along the edges, in corners, we will plant lotuses – contrary to style, naturally, but very much it would be desirable!

To provide suitable depth, it was necessary to make so: заглубляемся on 60 cm plus 60 cm from above. So on a place of a bed there was a hole. Further on steps:

1) A bottom of a semicircular form leveled and laid a film.

2) Filled sand a layer of 5 cm and filled in it with water that it was condensed.

3) Filled in a bottom on sand with concrete, a layer of 5 cm, and let’s stand week. Just just right: workers were switched to fence construction.

4) Built on hole edge brick walls which all became higher and above, having formed a side of the reservoir which is at present already similar to the pool.

5) Covered all this at first with cement, and later special structure which does cement impenetrable for water.

6) Outside revetted with a stone.

7) Drilled the necessary openings. One below to pump out water the pump, and the 2nd above that the water level was constant.

8) Very tightly to the pool built and revetted with a stone small capacity, filled it with the earth – there was a bed, there I planted callas and Cannes.

Pool filling by water turned into a big house holiday. That kids did not approach to walls of the pool and that quite good, did not climb up them, someone suggested to place flowerpots on perimeter. The idea appeared successful!

… Soon in the pool there were lotuses, water-lilies and a little a cane. Later goldfishes, a hundred part карасиков and a couple a taranok here lodged. Later water blossomed, faded, became live and transparent … Under murmur of a fountain passed all summer. It became the real center of gravity in our house, everything turns round it.

But shortcomings of our system «all in one» became appreciable also. In the autumn I will make in a garden the bolshushchy lake, let small fishes among lotuses there frolic, and the fountain will be in itself, as well as reflected first.