The technician of a stained-glass window – we read to touch to fine …

Stained-glass window as from glass, it is possible to compare a product with a mosaic known for all. The slices of glass connected in common, differ in a form, the invoice and color.

The modern design offers stained-glass windows and in the form of an exclusive decor of false ceilings, and in the form of delightful beauty of screens and partitions, and as unique inserts in cases or table-tops, and, eventually, as an ornament in the form of uniform panels or ordinary to us to a panel.

The equipment of production of stained-glass windows has presently unlimited quantity of versions. Very muchThe technician of a stained-glass window – we read to touch to fine …
noteworthy stained-glass windows are carried out in equipment by Peskostruyna of an engraving. On a mirror or on glass the deepest relief structure, allowing to represent abstract figures, "tsvetochnovinogradny" compositions is created. Usual style is usually decorated with directly such equipment.

The stained-glass window can be executed by an art list on glass. At all this special fixing of the put drawing in furnaces, feeling of freshness of a water color and manifestation of skill of the performer does this equipment, despite property of the modern technologies, suitable, though rather expensive.

The most widespread technology of performance of stained-glass windows is equipment Tiffany – about introduction of a copper foil. Each slice of glass turns around it, is displayed on a tracing-paper precisely according to the sketch, and later all these slices are accustomed to drinking. When the stained-glass window is ready, it cover with a patina. This unique development allows to do the line of drawing of a stained-glass window very smart and very narrow, to fill gleams though what form and even to do a form of a stained-glass window convex or concave.

«Muransky glass» – so-called equipment the Casting. In a metal form the melted glass of a certain color is filled in. From above it becomes covered late by a layer of simply transparent glass.