The unique support for flowers, will decorate any drawing room.

From youth I love fresh window plants, my mother taught me to look after and care of these also as well as we living things which too breathe, eat and love care and caress. After all they not only do beautiful comfort in our houses, and besides develop oxygen which is so necessary to us at that time when our houses okruzhenygigantsky industrial plants and the enterprises, polluting environment.
I have in the apartment many houseplants which stood earlier everywhere, both on window sills, and on shelves, and on lockers and simply amuse in pots on walls. But I always would like to have the winter garden, but or at least a corner in a room for my plants. As the balcony very small in my apartment, from idea with a winter garden was necessary to be released. Then I went on the searches, any unique support for window plants but so to me anything and did not attract. Supports were or very small, on them it was possible to put only a few pots or such color and design that was not entered in any way in an interior of my apartment.
I decided to make a support to order, thought up model such what my imagination only could imagine and addressed to producers of cabinet furniture. Chose color – a beech beige and a material particleboard laminated which surely should be tortsovano a plastic tortsovka, instead of paper as paper is very sensitive to water and it is not excellent in use, and when watering, most likely, will serve not for a long time.
Here what green corner left in my apartment.The unique support for flowers, will decorate any drawing room.

I also ordered a bedside table from such material and such color that my flower corner looked more attractively. On a bedside table I put a desk lamp (on a photo it is visible) that when on the street it is cloudy, my room favourites felt comfortably.
This support at me served any more the 1st year and passed for certain already all tests for endurance therefore I want to share with you pluses and minuses. Plus of such support for houseplants is that on it it is possible to place unlimited quantity of houseplants that it easy and in good weather I can take out own favourites on a balcony to acquire a tan. That whatever one may do, and it is made of a particleboard therefore it is necessary to observe accuracy when watering and if the vodichka spilled, it is necessary to wipe a minus a rag, then such support will serve to you very for a long time.