Trafaretny list

With the advent of modern materials of furnish in the present construction market, revives and a little forgotten partially fashion on decorating of walls by means of easy receptions.

The ornament of walls the drawing, called by a trafaretny list, was very widespread in last eyelid. At present technology of dressing of walls with application of cliches remembered again.

To decorate apartment walls with separate ornaments, drawings, friezes, ceiling or socle borders, using for this purpose various cliches, rather simply.

If you will not manage to get ready sets of cliches which from time to time meet on sale, to execute them without the aid of others will not make big work.

To cut out a cliche it is possible from a suitable leaf of plastic, or a dense cardboard, previously having put on it the pleasant drawing. If you do not trust the abilities, it is possible to entrust manufacturing of cliches to the professional painter.

Development of drawing of drawing is simple and available to everyone. A ready cliche fix to a wall by means of a sticky tape and the trafaretny brush having a small bristle, through cut in a cliche accurately put paint. Instead of a brush with comfort to use and an ordinary tampon from a piece of a parabosom.

Introduction of unary cliches is applicable for creation of usually one-color drawings. At desire to decorate a wall a multi-colored ornament, it is necessary to use so-called multicliches which consist of several trafaretny sheets, mutually coordinated boundaries itself.

Trafaretny list

At a choice of drawing put on walls of the apartment it is necessary to hold in the head that, in – 1-x, drawing should not be uneasy or very rough, and in – 2-x, it is not necessary to use tone which will sharply differ from the general color of a coloring of a wall.

If you plan drawing drawing for the plastered, concrete or gipsobetonny walls, it is necessary to use not oil, but latex paints. Such choice of paint is defined by quite good properties of vodnodispersionny structures.

Latex paints are rather cheap, quickly enough dry, and possesses good operational properties.

By the way and walls it is necessary to paint directly latex paints which not including the rest appropriate to a wall a pleasant opaque surface. To put such paints, unlike oil, it is possible even on a damp surface of a wall.