What it is possible to do with a heap of old disks? ;)

I Suspect that each of us has houses spoiled or simply old CDs/DVD-диски. The most part simply throws out them – why to store houses stuff? Some originals cling on a windshield of the car and believe that it helps out from a radar of patrol service 🙂 At me here the whole small group of such stuff was formed. It was a pity to throw out for some reason. Well and to adapt though for something beautiful brilliant circles did not leave. And they rolled at me in a box while one fine day I did not decide to be engaged in cultivation of small cactuses. The apartment at me light – absolutely approaches, and here window sills small. Not including that – in the spring window sills carry over parents who grow up there sprouts for giving. There was a question – where to put cactuses? The look was drawn simply by almost empty wall of a room. It is simple to hang up regiments – it would not be desirable, it is uninteresting and it is boring. Than them to change? The idea came quickly enough! The plasticity slice (vobshchy, it can be been changed other materials), was necessary for its realization old disks and дюбеля for me. The quantity of the dyubely should coincide with quantity of the disks increased on two. And the quantity of disks is a quantity of future shelves! I take plasticity, I knead hands, doing of a slice something type a pryamougolnichka – height of 1,5 cm, length of 4 cm, width 2см. On the party of 1,5 cm – on the one hand there will be a fastening for a disk, with another – for screws from dyubely. Fastening for a disk becomes very simply – in soft брусочек plasticity on length the disk somewhere on centimeter one and a half deep into is inserted. Late it is taken out. There is a crack. On the other hand – holes for screws. Plasticity hardens. At present we dress her on дюбеля which already live in a wall, and into a crack we insert a disk! Charming round shelves under small vazonchik with cactuses turn out! The main thing – them it is possible to arrange on though to what height, in though what composition! Looks very nicely and funny! The main thing – do not put on these shelves heavy glinyany flowerpots – after all plasticity is not intended for such loadings – your flowerpot will simply fall, having broken off fastening!