Window fashion

Window "clothes" for a long time turned into an active expressive component of an interior. Curtains protect us from drafts, a sunlight, do comfort in the house, do our interiors more distinguished and harmonious. How it is correct to choose curtains among such huge range?

Let’s listen that to us designers say. Here all as in clothes. Wide, horizontal strips on curtains, will visually expand a place, and vertical – will promote to hide low ceilings. At a choice of color be guided by concepts about cold and warm colors. I will remind that blue, violet, gray colors are registered on the cold, and warm are all colors of beige, yellow, red flowers. These are the main concepts.

Curtains happen summer and winter. To a meeting the truth was remembered mother’s tulle in kitchen? And so, it is possible to carry air or cotton options of light tones to summer curtains. For winter it is better to select curtains from more dense fabrics of warm colors. For the winter portieres, the real find are suitable for fans of dark rooms and a long dream in the mornings also.

When you choose curtains, scroll in the head as them to beat in an interior. That curtains became its active component, they should be to be combined with walls (or is more light, or is more dark, or on contrasts). Pay attention and on quality of a fabric from which curtains are made. Modern materials possess pyleottalkivayushchy properties, protection against burning out and other options.

If your room is issued in thematic style (a country, vanguard, classics etc.), take an interest in features of this style at a choice of curtains. For usual style in an interior curtains and portieres from dense fabrics, absolutely are suitable for a country – a cheerful cage on natural fabrics, well and for fans of exotic, producers offer ornaments and prints. The interior is issued in vanguard style or hi-tech? Only simple options.

Curtains happen the different designs, here most popular of them. I suggest to familiarize with them visually:

– Austrian curtains

Window fashion

– Direct curtains on outsets

Window fashion

– "CAFE" curtains

Window fashion

– Rolled curtains

– Roman curtains

– English curtains

– French curtains

There are more many different types and options on osnovy types. The most popular and ordinary way of modeling of curtains is the composition of 2 fabrics of different invoices and flowers.

On what and how curtains fasten? Fastening to eaves happens such types:

– lyuverny (the openings edged by metal in the top part of a curtain)

– on clips or clip-on earrings

– by means of bows (looks very solemnly and in an original way)

– by means of a zastrocheny seam (very ordinary way)

What eaves happen?

Style of eaves is based on accessories and materials from which it made. Fastenings belong to it, holders, rings… metal, tree, glass… Everything! The choice is simply huge. Everything can be picked up besides under style of your interior.

Of what make modern curtains?

The most widespread materials are cotton, silk fabrics, wool, organza, rep, a velvet. The textiles strike with a variety: stuffed, smooth, brilliant, opaque. There is more expensive type of textiles is a difficult embroidery on a fabric woolen threads and tulle with addition of silk threads. Materials also are used by Iskustvennye in production of curtains – a poiester, viscose with cotton or flax addition. Such curtains are more comfortable and simple in leaving. In the West very popularly to use лён with various additives, as a symbol of ecologically spotless housing.

As it is not surprising, but even on curtains there is the fashion which is defined not only a coloring and the fabric invoice, also ways to their drapery. If you have in the house the most ordinary curtains and you wish to present them the second life, try to decorate them with various elements (outsets, bows, канатиками, small knots), embroider something, change eaves. But do not go too far! Though designers also welcome difficult designs and elements in design of curtains, we will vote for a practicality and elegance in simplicity.