Winter garden, winter garden…

Represent, as in the apartment the small corner of tropical greens remarkably looks! If you can offer a corner of own dwelling under a winter garden, the councils given below will promote you to solve difficulties of the organization of heat, water and light for plants.
In winter aspects preservation of heat is direct is an important task. For this purpose it is necessary to warm a room thoroughly. It is necessary to begin with windows, after all directly they, first, absorb heat. It is better to change wood frames for double-glazed windows. Not including that with them is warmer (in particular if to get a three-chambered double-glazed window), they are steadier against the overestimated humidity indoors, and after all in a winter garden such conditions are necessary for plants.
We are accepted to a floor further. The heated floor design absolutely will approach. In principle, installation of electroheating is easy for making and most. The main thing, it is necessary to hold in the head that after the completion of all works to include such heating it is possible not earlier than in 20 days when couplers will harden.
At present we warm in turn external walls of the apartment and a ceiling. The balcony is best of all for sheathing a wood vagonka. On this material condensate will not collect, well and it looks home-style with comfort, plus – is harmless. Vagonka it is possible to sheathe and internal walls. And here external walls it is warmed, using ordinary минвату or isobeliefs.
All these measures for warming of a room will promote to avoid additional heaters, means, and to save up on their use.
In a winter garden the special local climate should be supported, the humidifier is for this purpose necessary. If you have tropical plants, for them humidity of 65-70 % is necessary. On a windowpane during colds condensate will collect. For its collecting it is necessary to establish a special plastic trench and the corresponding capacity. Still tiny remark.
For growth and ordinary development of plants принципна besides illumination. We advise to use the fluorescent lamps which capacity is necessary for picking up in coordination with your plants. No matter what lamp located for the separate shelf with flowers, should have the switch so it will be more convenient. During a summer season to avoid direct hits of sunshine, it is better to cover windows, using a plastic jalousie.
Thus, you solve difficulties of heat, water and light for own winter garden.