World behind the looking-glass

World behind the looking-glass

The mirror is a special subject in our houses, possessing the magic properties, some mystery, and mirrors cause a nightmare in some… Many signs are connected with a mirror at people, many of which you for certain heard: "To break a mirror – seven years бедовать even if need not to know", "To behold the person in a mirror at candles – unfortunately".А to remember at least poor Alice from L.Keroll’s fairy tale which came to be in a world behind the looking-glass where the world is presented in full absurdity. We, house designers, do not trust signs (or we trust, but absolutely slightly) and we see in mirrors only pluses, in particular at their use in an interior. But we will begin with small travel on the history Russian Federation. From where we had a mirror?

The XVIII century in the Russian Federation passed for an eyelid of style an empire style. Grandiose houses, with magnificent furniture, achieved a respective interior, but at all this it would be desirable and to bring any "highlight". For creation of unique interiors the best set dressers from Europe were invited. Directly this century in the Russian Federation vpervy also there are mirrors, as a decor element. Set dressers still then thought that by means of mirrors it is possible to expand a place, to create volumes, with various image from to decorate. By the way, mirrors at that time hung up not only in houses, and and on the street. The bolshushchy mirror cloth in a garden or in an arbor was to arrange very popular. Now this practice practically is never used.

The modern design not far left from exacting customers of the XVIII century and offers some options of placement of mirrors in the house, realizing any imaginations. The most extravagant and interesting from them is registration of mirror ceilings in the house. If you decide to make such magnificence in the dwelling, know that the mirror ceiling will create illusion of a big place, huge ceilings that is very actual in our small apartments.

For this day there are some options of mirror ceilings:

1. Mirror tiles (the mirror cloth is cut on equal squares or the rectangles which edges are processed especially). Tiles fasten to a ceiling on glue for mirrors (liquid nails) or screws and саморезами. Printsipno to hold in the head that for use of this equipment of creation of a mirror place over the head, should have absolutely equal that over time your room did not turn into a laughter room ceiling. The most ideal option is to sheathe a ceiling gypsum cardboard, and on it already to fix mirror plates.

2. Stretch mirror ceilings (glossy, opaque, satinirovany). More комфортабельны in leaving and the address. Naturally, the effect differs from ordinary reflection, but in my opinion, such soft strips do your idea of more elegant.

3. Mirror polystyrene plates. Sheets are on sale in rolls and before gluing they should be straightened. On seamy side of a leaf there is a sticky party by means of which the mirror leaf fastens to though to what ceiling. After gluing, it is necessary to smooth a leaf with the rubber roller that there were no bubbles. As a result, we received very ordinary way to make at home an unusual ceiling.

Such ceilings will smartly look in any room: to a bathroom, bedroom, hall. Mirrors will promote you to fill the house with air, but do not overdo, because if you place mirrors in a large number, risk to turn the house in bank.