You have many old ball pens? To throw out or use?

For idea to use this garbage a prize was given out to my nephew! My small nephew – real Plyushkin! It collects everything that only catches sight to it. Any delays, pencils, beads, slices something… Old ball pens naturally get to this huge collection of stuff also. Though how to reduce this a lot of garbage it is almost unreal – scandal on all house.: But it is possible to test to agree. To convince, change a heap something for one subject interesting to it, or to suggest something to make! Somehow I came to it into a room and found that the child made a small circle in which sticks kolbochka from ball pens of plasticine. On a question "And what it will be?" you were answered "Unless do not see? It is a vase!" Finally I exchanged all his stock of handles at the nephew and dragged off to myself in a room 🙂 Then opened a box in what I store that it is a pity to throw out:) It was required to me 14 колбочек from old handles (similar!) superglue tube, small disk sd-200 Mb and whole heap of different beads. I greased the basis of each handle with glue and attached to a disk around with a space in half-centimeter from disk edge. Handles were pasted not strictly up, and with an inclination outside. For what a bead? And beads sat down on glue and filled intervals between handles! It is possible to paste them плотненько, it is possible – to leave intervals between them. As it is pleasant to whom. The main thing – beads should be different forms and the sizes – then the vase leaves cheerful! Well and with glue it is necessary to work more accurately not to paste own fingers and not to leave a spot gluing on outer side of a vase. I decorated tops of handles with similar beads. There was very amusing veshchichka. Naturally, in it it is impossible to pour water by no means! And here will put a dry bouquet, or brushes/pencils – it is absolutely possible! Z.Y. for at whom there is a lot of free time! 😉