Your feature in comfortable details of a house situation

Let’s say you drove to the latest apartment or completely repaired the old. You aspire to perfection therefore even used services of the professional designer of interiors. But, because it is your house, it nevertheless should though in some degrees to reflect your tastes, habits and preferences. And over it it is necessary to work – a little to own imagination never will prevent. I want to share the reasons about what details, let even the smallest, are capable to recover an interior and to give it lines of feature of persons living in the house.

How many people – are so much and opinions, but on a question of, whether are necessary in the plant house, perhaps, many will answer in the affirmative. First, mean, naturally, live plants in pots. Them usually put on a window sill at all because so it is more beautiful, how many from practical judgments – plants need more light arriving through a window. And it is correct. But I see also significant minuses in such arrangement of flowerpots.

In – 1-x if in the house there are small children, they can reach plants. But matter not only in it. I love, when at me window sills are free, and I can temporarily throw on their some things which can periodically be necessary for me. It can be a children’s small bottle with water, the unfinished book or even an unfinished sandwich. May be, it is natural that such habits are not a sign of a good form, but I at home and do how to me with comfort.

Not including that, I simply love the flower cache-pots suspended somewhere so that were not stirred, but at all this were perfectly visible. And I can be charmed by this cache-pot even more than a plant. But empty cache-pots to hang out is, clearly, too somehow does not look. It is possible to thrust a pot into a cache-pot with almost though what plant, whether it be a century plant or even a cactus, but in particular perfectly look, naturally, the plants which branches hang down down. Who possesses equipment of weaving of a macrame, that can weave itself a beautiful cache-pot – double utility and pleasure will turn out. It is always pleasant to have in the house on a look something made the hands. But to order a product too not discrepancy, and pleasures from it will be not so less.

Everything, more any pendants in the house I do not love: neither Chinese "breezes", nor small lamps, … Stop! Here into the account of candelabrums still it is possible to think, but them it is better to arrange on walls after all, but too, certainly, higher, though not under the ceiling, naturally. The electricity, undoubtedly, great achievement of a civilization, and electrification of all country – worthy business of party, but after all from time to time would be desirable and to sit at candles – it is simple for the sake of romanticism.

As to flowers in vases, they for me on the importance stand at the end, even after artificial flowers on which I too, practically, not especially dry. Though happen, I do not argue, smart works of art of absolutely such flower exterior, and here an exclusive will not damage, but especially it is weathers will not make. Here that very much I avoid and I am afraid, so it is room zakhlamlyonnost any knickknacks and other souvenirs placed where попадя, business and did not put. Perfectly, if it is a gift, and in general has any memorable value, and so …

Still I act sharply against ill-fated sideboards where for show there are any glasses, wine-glasses and other festive service. All this, naturally, things necessary, but it is absolutely possible to hide them and far away, instead of to put under glass moreover with a mirror back wall, on most the place is visible. And here books from a home library it is possible and it is necessary to place perfectly, корешочек to a koreshochka that everything was readable and watchable, instead of lay the mountain or in three ranks so to back not to a meeting and you will reach moreover you will manage to forget that there at you was overlooked. The home library, with taste picked up and perfectly exposed, is capable even to re-embody a mean Khruschev’s drawing room in a unique institution and, naturally, a subject of pride of the owner.

Oh, as I was amused by some articles on the subject of that the theater begins with a hanger, and the house, means, in a hall. Well, what hall in a malogabaritka? And than there it is possible to surprise? Cervine horns or kabany "face", unless. But I in it do not see big sense. And, the hall is more dark, the quicker the guest will want to get out of her intimate embraces in your rather spacious, and, the main thing, such conceptual drawing room! 🙂