Dewatering system flow

(a) Flow measurements. The flow from individ­ual dewatering wells will be measured by means of a pitometer installed in the discharge pipe from the well. As a check on the pitometer measurements and on the performance of the well pump, the rate of flow being pumped will also be estimated from the pump

characteristic curve, engine speed, static lift of the

water, and the pressure in the discharge pipe at the top of the well. Flow from the entire dewatering sys­tem will also be measured by means of a pitometer. All flow measurements will be made by the C. O.R. as­sisted by the Contractor’s “dewatering” engineer.

(b) Frequency of measurement. The total flow from the dewatering system shall be measured once or twice a week and the flow from individual wells week­ly or biweekly, as appears appropriate.

(c) Records. All flow measurements will be re­corded by the C. O.R. and a copy of the data furnished to the Contractor within 24 hours. The C. O.R. will be

responsible for reading the river gage and recording

the data; a copy of the river gage reading will be fur­nished to the Contractor each day.

(3) Sanding. The flow from each dewatering well will be monitored for sanding. The rate of sanding will be determined by taking a measured amount of water being pumped from each well and the sand content de­termined. The maximum rate of sanding acceptable will be 5 parts per million. The rate of sanding will be checked once a week by the C. O.R. and the data re­corded. A copy of the data will be furnished to the Con­tractor within 24 hours.

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