Example of type A-l specifications (dewatering)

a. General. The Contractor shall provide all de­watering necessary to keep the construction and work areas dry. The Contractor shall design, install, oper­ate, and maintain an adequate system. The system shall be of sufficient size and capacity to maintain a dry condition without delays to construction opera­tions.

b. Submittals. The Contractor shall submit a pro­posed dewa terihg plan for approval of the Contracting Officer prior to initiation of any construction or exca­vation operations, The plan shall show all facilities proposed for complying with this section.

c. Puyments. Payment for all work covered in this specification will be made at the contract lump sum price for “dewatering,” which price shall constitute full compensation for furnishing all plant, equipment, labor, and materials to install, operate, maintain, and remove the dewatering system.

G-4. Example of type A-2 specifications (dewatering).

a. Scope. This section covers the design, furnishing, installation, operation, maintenance, and removal of a dewatering system, complete.