G-l. General. This appendix provides examples based on actual specifications for installation of de­watering or pressure relief systems, extracted from Government and private industry contract documents. They have been selected and presented to illustrate the various types of specifications described in the test (para 7-2).

G-2. Types of specifications.

a. Type A specifications are projects where the de­watering is not too critical with respect to damage to the permanent work or safety to personnel, and only the desired results are to be specified. This type of specifications makes the Contractor completely re­sponsible for design, installation, and operation of the system(s). Specifications may be brief (type A-l) or more detailed (type A-2), depending upon complexity and criticality of the dewatering or pressure relief sys­tem. The examples of these two types are from Corps of Engineers projects.

b. Type B specifications are recommended for large, complex systems, or where the dewatering or pressure relief is critical with regard to construction of the proj­ect, damage to permanent work, and safety.

(1) Type В – 1. A specification that gives a detailed design and requirements for installation of a “mini­mum” system but makes the Contractor responsible for operating and maintaining the system, supple­menting it as necessary to obtain the required results. The installation is then checked with a full-scale pumping test to verify its adequacy.

(2) Type B-2. A specification that gives a detailed design and installation procedure but makes the Con­tractor responsible only for normal repairs and opera­tions. The Government or Owner thus assumes the re­sponsibility for the adequacy of the system and its components, major repairs, and replacement of equip­ment if necessary.

(3) Type B-3. A specification that is similar to type A, wherein only the desired results are specified, except the degree of difficulty or criticality of the sys­tem requires that the Contractor retain an “Expert” in the field of dewatering or pressure relief systems to de­sign, supervise installation, and monitor the system.

c. Types A-l and B-3 specifications should not be used unless the issuing agency has considerable confi­dence in the (dewatering) qualification of the bidders;

ample time and knowledge to check the Contractor’s submittals; and a willingness to reject the Contractor’s proposals and accept any associated delays in starting the project until an acceptable design is submitted.

d. For large and complex dewatering projects where dewatering is critical to the safety of the work, type B-l specifications are recommended; types A-2 and B-3 may be suitable if the Owner or Engineer can or will enforce the provisions relating to approval of de­sign, installation, and operation.