Type B specifications

(1) Types B-l and B-2 specifications (para

7- 26(1) and (2)) should set forth not only the required results for dewatering, pressure relief, and surface wa­ter control, but also a detailed list of the materials, equipment, and procedures that are to be used in achieving the desired system(s). The degree of respon­sibility of the Contractor for dewatering should be clearly set forth for specification types B-l and B-2 as previously stated in paragraph 7-2. With either type of specification, the Contractor should be advised that he or she is responsible for operating and maintaining the system(s) in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation relating to equipment and in accord­ance with good construction practice. The Contractor should also be advised that he or she is responsible for correcting any unanticipated seepage or pressure con­ditions and taking appropriate measures to control such, payment for which would depend upon the type of specification and terms of payment.

(2) Type B-3 specifications (para 7-26) should in­clude the basic requirements set forth above for types A-l and A-2 specifications plus the additional re­quirements set forth for type B-3 specifications in paragraph 7 -2.

7-5. Measurement and payment.

a. Payment when using types A-l and A-2 specifi­cations is generally best handled by a “lump sum” pay­ment.

b. Payment when using type В – 1 specifications may be based on a lump sum type, or unit prices may be set up for specific items that have been predesigned and specified with lump sum payment for operational and maintenance costs,

c. Payment when using type B-2 specifications is generally on the basis of various unit prices of such items as wells, pumps, and piping, in keeping with nor­mal payment practices for specified work. Operation for maintenance and repairs generally should be set up as a lump sum payment with partial payment in ac­cordance with commonly accepted percentages of work completed,

d. Payment when using type B-3 specifications would generally be based on a lump sum type of pay­ment.

e. Payment for monitoring piezometers and flow measuring devices is generally made in keeping with the method of payment for the various types of dewa­tering specifications described above,

7-6. Examples of dewatering specifica­tions. Examples of various types of specifications de­scribed in paragraph -72, based on specifications ac­tually issued and accomplished in practice, are includ­ed in appendix G.