Рубрика: Durability of Building and Construction Sealants and Adhesives

Accelerated Weathering

To assess their usefulness in predicting real world weathering results, the seal­ants exposed in the El Paso warehouse exposure were also subjected to several accelerated weathering tests. Results are presented in Tables 2-4 and in Figs. 8-11. Weathering of Plaques in Xenon Arc and Fluorescent UV Weathering Devices — The results of the accelerated weathering […]

Results and Discussion

Tilt-Up Warehouse Exposures Early Observations-The applicator found that the acrylic sealant needed to be handled somewhat differently than the polyurethane sealants that he was used to working with. As mentioned earlier, the acrylic sealant sent to the job site was not optimized for application properties. The applicator, in fact, found that the acrylic sealant was […]

Accelerated Weathering

In addition to the warehouse exposures described above, the durability of the two sealants was also evaluated using standard accelerated weathering proce­dures and ASTM C1519-04, Standard Practice for Evaluating Durability of Building Construction Sealants by Laboratory Accelerated Weathering Proce­dures. Weathering of Plaques in Xenon Arc and Fluorescent UV Weathering Apparatus-Specimens for accelerated weathering were laid […]

Tilt-Up Warehouse Exposures

A tilt-up warehouse in El Paso, TX, was renovated in the Spring of 2005. As part of this renovation, the failing 20 year old sealant used in the original construc­tion was removed and replaced with the acrylic and polyurethane sealants de­scribed above. To directly compare performance, these two sealants were ap­plied in alternating joints around […]

Experimental Methods

Sealants A high performance acrylic sealant and a high performance polyurethane seal­ant, both conforming to the ASTM C920-05 Class 25 specification, were chosen for this evaluation. The polyurethane sealant was specified by the moisture-proofing contactor as part of a commercial restoration project. A two part polyurethane was cho­sen due to the low humidity in El […]

Field Performance and Accelerated Weathering of High Performance Acrylic and Polyurethane Sealants for Tilt-Up Applications

ABSTRACT: To demonstrate the suitability of high performance acrylic seal­ants to low rise industrial construction applications, a laboratory prepared high performance acrylic sealant was compared to a commonly used, com­mercially available two part polyurethane sealant. The centerpiece of this comparison is an exterior exposure in El Paso, TX, in which the two sealants were professionally […]

Comparison between Water Penetration Test Results of Vertical and Horizontal Joints

A comparison was made between water leakage through deficient vertical and horizontal joints as shown in Fig. 19. The results reflect leakage rates of joints subjected to a water deposition rate of 4 L/(min-m2). The Y-axis provides the rates of leakage (L/min) across the horizontal joint; that of the X-axis for the vertical joint. Results […]