Artificial Accelerated Weathering

Prior to the tension tests, specimens of Type HW were subjected to artificial accelerated weathering according to ETAG 002, Clause In this proce­dure, test specimens are exposed to 1000 hours of immersion in hot deminer­alized water with a water temperature of 45±1 ° C while simultaneously under­going irradiation by artificial light (UV, VIS, IR) through the nonimmersed upper glass plate. Immersion and light exposure was carried out in a Heraeus Xenon Test 250 T accelerated weathering device. At the beginning and the end of the weathering, the intensities of the global (300-800 nm) and ultraviolet (UV) (300-400 nm) radiation were determined. The global intensity fell from 440 W/m2 (initial) to 437 W/m2 (final), the UV intensity from

27.3 W/m2 to 26.9 W/m2 (note that ETAG002 and ISO 11431 [38], referenced in the ETAG, stipulate an irradiance at the surface of the test specimens be­tween wavelengths of 290 nm 800 nm of (550±75) W/m2). After the test speci­mens were removed from the chamber they were conditioned for about 48 hours at ambient laboratory conditions prior to performing the tension tests.