Рубрика: Innovative Materials and Techniques in Concrete Construction

Prestressed Concrete Girder with Corrugated Steel Web

Prestressed concrete girders with corrugated steel webs are one of the most promis­ing concrete-steel hybrid structures applied to highway bridges. As shown in the test carried out by Ata, prestress can be efficiently introduced into the concrete flanges due to the “accordion effect” of the corrugated web. The geometry and boundary conditions of the large-scale […]

Flat Approximated Model for Corrugated Webs

Many researchers have been studying the behaviour of girders realized with corrugated webs from the end of the ‘50s to date. The most famous works were by Fraser (1956), Basler (1961), Luo and Edlund (1996), Elgaaly et al. (1997), Johnson and Cafolla (1997), El-Metwally (1998), Ibrahim et al. (2006). The bending behaviour of such panels […]

Orthotropic Model for the Analysis of Beams with Corrugated Steel Webs

Gabriele Bertagnoli, Mario Alex Biagini, and Giuseppe Mancini Abstract A flat orthotropic finite element model for steel and composite beams with corrugated webs is presented in this paper. The target of the authors is to improve computational efficiency and to reduce input time by means of material orthotropic equivalence. The results obtained with the simplified […]

Main Aspects of Design

One of the most difficult design aspects is the definition of cumbering during con­struction so that the final configuration is reached under serviceability conditions. It has to be underlined that the cumbering system depends on the construction sequence which cannot be modified once the final cumbering has been calculated. A second important aspect is the […]

Innovation in Bridge Design and Construction: Composite Box Girder Bridge

Giuseppe Mancini Abstract This paper illustrates how a traditional type of structure can be revisited in order to conform to the rules of environmental design. The outcome of such an approach is not only ecological but also less expensive and quicker to build than traditional structures. If we also take into account that the sustainable […]

Application of the Corrugated Steel Webs to Longer Spans

Figure 22.18 shows a concrete bridge with corrugated steel web built by balanced cantilever segmental construction. The longest span is 97 m. Since the superstruc­ture is 20% lighter than the bridge with concrete webs, the substructure becomes more slender. The length of a segment with corrugated web is larger than that with a concrete web, […]