Smooth strips and exact sides in design of mixers

Smooth strips and exact sides in design of mixers
We hurry to present the newest collection of elegant modern Logis mixers developed by specialists of design bureau Phoenix Design. A distinctive feature of all products which have entered into a series – a harmonious combination of accurate sides and smooth lines in the design, doing a form of each model in own way unique.

Mixers of the Logis series are issued not only with various height излива, well and are equipped with handles of different models. It is possible to find absolutely small, low mixers (Logis 70) which absolutely are suitable for the compact mini-sinks established in guest bathrooms in a collection. There are products with very high the izlivy (Logis 210), intended for installation on sinks of the standard sizes.

In addition it should be noted that models with such the izlivy can turn on 120 °, therefore them very much with comfort to use for filling of big capacities (a bucket, a children’s tray, a high flower vase), it is also possible to use not only in bathrooms, well and in kitchen. Thanks to the special EcoSmart technology the consumption of water from the crane is reduced to 5 l/mines that will allow to lower considerably costs for fee for water supply.

The separate models of the mixers which have entered into the Logis collection, are issued in the special CoolStart version. It means that at turning on of the mixer when finding the handle in the central situation, receipt of only cold water is provided. In other words, the machine gun will turn out to avoid a superfluous consumption of hot water and to save up the electric power suitable for its heating. Vpribavok will disappear need of frequent activation of an electric water heater or the circulating pump, on it service life of the similar equipment grows.

Updated: 31 августа, 2015 — 2:03 пп