Actually as touch, only it is better!

Touch mixers are good that there is no need to twist handles of cranes hands. It very much with comfort during cooking, or cleaning, or though what other dirty work as there is no need to concern with the soiled hands of the spotless crane. But is at touch models and shortcomings. Main from them – missing sensitivity of the touch panel because of what process of inclusion of water by times reminds wonderful passes more.

And what if to make the mixer, as successful, as well as touch, but at all this deprived of such minus? Designers of one known company making bathroom equipment reflected on it, and here result of their work: Metris Select. This model represents the one-lever mixer executed in stylish modern design. But from ordinary analogs it is distinguished by button existence on the face-to-face party излива which allows to switch on and off water, without touching the lever.

Actually as touch, only it is better!
How the wonderful mixer works? For the first time nevertheless it is necessary to start up water by means of the lever. But having adjusted capacity and stream temperature, will enough press the button, and the "clever" bathroom equipment will remember your choice! For the subsequent inclusions and switching off of water it is possible to use one slightly the button, and the lever will remain in the lifted situation. If necessary to change functions it is necessary to repeat storing function anew.

Well, pluses of a novelty it is available! In — 1-x, Metris Select possesses the main advantage of touch mixers – he does not ask continuous torsion of cranes. In — 2-x, the button will always respond on your touch, unlike a sensor. And its big size and comfortable placement will allow to press it a finger, the back party of a palm, an elbow or even a nose! In — 3-x, Metris Select does not ask an electricity or connection of the additional equipment.

Updated: 31 августа, 2015 — 2:04 пп