Sink + mirror + curbstone = convenience and functionality of

The main criterion at furniture and bathroom equipment selection for a small bathroom – compactness. At all this many of us for the sake of diminutiveness even are ready to offer functionality or esthetic appeal of a home decoration. But it is necessary to do it if modern designers offer unique multipurpose models for bathrooms which differ ergonomics, compactness and nice appearance to a descent?

Sink + mirror + curbstone = convenience and functionality of
It is possible to carry to them, for example, the Beauty system consisting of a sink, a big mirror and a vykatny curbstone. All composition as a whole takes absolutely a little places, and convenience of use to it will not refuse.

The big sink is armed with an additional shelf with a lattice and reyly on which it is possible to hang up a towel and to put soap or to put a wettish bottle of shampoo. Additional shelves for creams, shaving accessories, toothbrushes are fastened directly to a mirror, but at all this at all do not disturb the review. And the bedside table can serve as a banketka that with comfort during drawing мейкапа or performance of any hygienic procedures.

As to design, and here Beauty it is possible to give firm "an excellent". Smooth forms of a sink perfectly are in harmony with the rounded corners of a mirror and a curbstone, and furnish by an interline interval of dark color will be pertinent in any interior.

Updated: 31 августа, 2015 — 2:04 пп