Lets play basketball? New sink of

Naughty kids quite often use for own games the most improper for this purpose subjects. For example, turn a sink into a basketball basket and begin the satisfied competition on a pelting in it of basts, slices of soap and other trifle. Such game is reflected in a sink condition not in the best way, for what mischievous persons receive the deserved scolding from parents.

Lets play basketball? New sink of
But what if to use such similarity of a sink and a basketball basket in the good purposes? Let’s tell, when developing design of this utilitarian sanitary equipment?

Directly such idea visited the heads of designers from the Novello company, the new collection of furniture and bathroom equipment under «Canestro» title became result of that. Similarity to sports stock really appreciable at first sight. Small, but the deepest round sink reminds a basketball basket, and a dressing table of a trapezoid form — a basketball board.

Suitable functionality and comfort in new models of furniture for a bathroom is observed completely. As well as it is necessary, the sink is armed with the laconic mixer, the table-top offers enough place for placement of various suitable trifles, in the lower part of a little table the big drawer in what with comfort to store the things which have not been intended for exposure to a public inspection is equipped.

Here to you and children’s mischief!

Updated: 31 августа, 2015 — 2:06 пп