Two sinks – two characters of

Two sinks – two characters of
We saw already 10-ki sinks of the most different forms. From time to time they and were not similar to sinks! We meet the next replenishment: two new noteworthy models, such different, but equally fine.

Founders of a sink of "Crystal" gave a peculiar tribute to beauty of sparkling brilliants. Its bowl at all does not remind of ordinary rectangular shapes! But it to a meeting causes associations with diamond sides. So unusual design asks the corresponding design therefore in one collection with a "crystal" sink there are same Two sinks – two characters of
"cut" curbstones, lockers and regiments. The model can be as floor, and to fasten to a wall.

Absolutely on another the sink of "HI-MACS" which on advantage will be estimated by fans of smooth lines and smart bathroom equipment looks. Most of all this model is similar to a parchment leaf with the wrapped edge. Thanks to the round outlines it looks very elegantly and distinguished. To even more weightless the sink is done by small figured cuts under a bowl. By the way, they bear in themselves and practical function – them can be used as holders for towels

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